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Getting Started





Dear participants,

Welcome to our TESOL EVOnline session "Becoming a Webhead (BaW) 2012": A hands-on workshop on how to use Web communication tools for language teaching and learning".


Joining the session 

In order to enroll in our session, you first need to join our Yahoo Group where all the interaction through e-mail and file sharing will take place. If you don't have a Yahoo ID (an account), you will be prompted to do so. Follow the instructions given (it is free).


Once you are registered in the group, you will receive a ''Welcome message'' with the instructions for the tasks to be completed in Week 1, which are mainly devoted to getting to know all the participants and getting familiar with the two main platforms we will be working with. These instructions can also be accessed from our session wiki. The Table of Contents or Sidebar on the right has links to all the workshop content. Click on Week1 to start.


Communication modes

There are two main communication modes throughout this workshop: asynchronous and synchronous.

The asynchronous mode (not live, not in real time)

  • Yahoo Group (YG): This will be our communications center to be in permanent contact with all members through its email feature (distribution list).


The synchronous mode (live, in-real-time sessions)

We will have weekly live sessions with guest speakers, which will take place at a fixed date, time and place. They will be announced well in advance and the information will be available in the Live Sessions page.


VIP: The time for the sessions will be given in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which is the standard time we adopted, so please refer to The World Clock site to situate yourself in your time zone and in your correct time for each synchronous event. Also, check the clock with the GMT time in the navigation bar of this wiki with the time in GMT. This way you can easily see the time difference (+ or - ) from your location.


As we are an international group with very different and distant time zones, the time of the live sessions may not always be the most suitable for everyone. We know from experience that consensus is difficult to achieve. And we also depend on the availability of the guest speaker. However, if you are unable to join our live presentations, a transcript/log and/or recording of each session will always be uploaded to our wiki for you to read and listen to!



There are Weekly Activities or weekly tasks (see the links to each week in the Sidebar) to be completed and  shared with the other participants. If you have questions about the tasks, you are encouraged to do two things:

  • search through our Help Page and see if you find your answer; if not,
  • post your question/doubt to the YG  either from your own e-mail or through the Post section of the YG.
If you fall behind during the week, don't worry. You can always post your completed tasks at any time.



For timely tips on some of these first steps and many others, please refer to our   Help Page  and Glossary.


VIP: All relevant session URLs are in the Sidebar (= Table of Contents) on the right.


Tutorials and Useful Tools

You'll also find help in the Tutorials page and many useful links to software and applications in the Tools page (both in the Sidebar).



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