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Live Sessions



Time in GMT

Check the The World Clock for your local time, or try Qlock and mouseover the map in your area.

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Sessions Timetable

We will meet at Tapped In every Sunday at noon GMT. You are all welcome to these meetings.



Let's meet our panel of guest speakers!

Week 1

Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT

BJ Berquist


BJ Berquist is an art teacher at the Loysville Youth Development Center, a residential male juvenile correctional facility in central Pennsylvania, USA. She was involved in the planning of the Civil Rights Forum held in TAPPED IN in May, 1998, leads several discussions at TAPPED IN, and is a Help Desk volunteer.

BJ is an Associate Educator at TAPPED IN and edits the Tapis Newsletter and the Events Calendar.

Look at http://www.tappedin.org/info/members/bj.html to learn more about what she does at TAPPED IN and to see her smiling face! 


Tapped In



Wednesday, Jan. 11,

16:00 - 17:00 GMT 


Session page

"Tapped in Tour"




Week 2 

Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT

Michael Coghlan


Michael Coghlan has designed and delivered online courses in ESL, eModeration, and Using Online Technologies, and is an online instructor for the Graduate Certificate in eLearning delivered by Adelaide Institute of TAFE. He has written widely on issues to do with elearning, and presented at several international conferences, both physically and as a remote presenter. As a Flexible Learning Leader for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework in 2003 Michael researched the use of online voice technologies. Not surprisingly, he is a passionate believer in the power of online voice communications to inspire and motivate students.

Yahoo Messenger 


Wednesday, Jan. 18,

12:00 - 13:00 GMT


Session Page  

"Using Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Tools in Teaching"




Week 3

Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT

Graham Stanley


Graham Stanley works for the British Council, as social media consultant for Global English, working on projects such as aPLaNet (http://aplanet-project.org/) and iTILT (http://itilt.eu/) and as a teacher at the Young Learner Centre in Barcelona, Spain. He has an M.Ed. in ELT & Educational Technology, is co-author of the book Digital Play (Delta Publishing), and is Co-ordinator of the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG.



Webheads Elluminate vRoom


Monday, Jan 23

20:00-21:00 GMT 


Session page

"Using Social Networks when creating your PLN"




Week 4

Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT

Arjana Blazic



Arjana Blazic is a high school English and German teacher from Zagreb, Croatia. She is an avid user of web 2.0 technologies and a lifelong learner with a strong passion for travel. One of her major goals is to teach her students how to effectively use technology for learning. She has organized and participated in many international projects and school exchanges. She is the author of the award-winning wiki Greetings from the world, which connects teachers and students across six continents. She is especially proud of the website Moja matura, which she co-runs, and which enables secondary students from all over Croatia to access free interactive exam preparation materials for their standardized school-leaving exams. Traveloteacher is her blog about travelling and teaching, and on her Croatian blog, The Fellowship of Twitter, she writes about web 2.0 tools. Her Twitter handle is @abfromz.


Webheads Elluminate vRoom


Tuesday, Jan. 31,

17:00 - 18:00 GMT


Session page


"Tools for online testing"



Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT

Cláudio Azevedo



Claudio Azevedo is a teacher at the Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasilia, Brazil. He is a Branch Coordinator and Teacher Trainer as well. He really likes movies and seeing them with "different" eyes, trying to see how he can use them in his classroom. Recently, he has dedicated his ideas to grammar activities with movie segments because, apparently, teachers use movies for many purposes, but grammar. Working with movie segments fosters students' production and interest. He truly believes that grammar exercises should be attractive. This passion for movies gave him the idea of creating the very successful Blog  Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals. see also Movie Segments for Warm-ups and Follow-ups

Webheads Elluminate vRoom


Saturday, Feb. 4

17:00 - 18:00 GMT




Session Page


"From Darkness to a Sparkling Connected ELT Community"






Week 5


Speakers  Speakers' Bio 
Venue and Time in GMT

Ayat Tawel

Hi everyone !!

I'm Ayat Tawel, an EFL teacher from Cairo, Egypt. I have been teaching different age groups and levels for more than ten years. I'm currently teaching young learners. My main interests are online teaching &learning and enhancing creativity in the classroom.  Joining BaW 11 was a turning point in my professional development and social life too. It has opened a door to a wonderful world full of amazing wonders and helpful language educators& friends. It's not just learning about new web 2.0 tools that you can apply in your teaching practice, but it also plans your life-long journey of PD. So, BaW is just the starting point to life after BaW which will be great !!! I have also gained many wonderful friends whom you will meet in BaW12 too !! I'm very excited about joining such a wonderful group of webheads moderating Baw12. I'll be co-moderating weeks 2 & 5! Hope you all enjoy learning, and sharing in Baw12 !! 

Skype ID : Ayat.Tawel

YM: tooty5979

Twitter: @ayatawel

Ayat's intro



 Webheads Elluminate vRoom


Wednesday, Feb. 08

15:00 - 16:00 GMT




Session Page


Maria Bossa

Hi dear you all!

My name is Maria; I'm from Río Tercero, in the province of Córdoba in Argentina. I have been teaching English for almost 20 years and I love teaching!! I teach from little kids to adults. This is my 3rd EVO but my 1st as Moderator. I enjoy EVO sessions a lot and I hope you do the same. Being part of the BaW team has not only opened the doors and windows for my career but also has opened the doors and windows for meeting fantastic people who have now become part of my family. All the best and all the success during the sessions! Just in case... I'm the "SMILING" from the group! You will notice why quite soon!! Smiles :)

Yahoo ID: teacher_mariaines

Skype: maria.bossa1

Twitter: @mariabossa

Maria's intro

Marijana Smolcec

I am Marijana Smolčec (Smolcec) from Ogulin, Croatia. I am a teacher of English and Croatian language and literature, but have only been teaching English for the past 10 years at a secondary school Gimnazija Bernardina Frankopana. Last year I finished my first EVO – Baw11 which opened my eyes and helped me improve my teaching skills by implementing web technology in my classroom. Since then I have worked on several projects with my students, started a penpal wiki and Skype interview project with a colleague from Uruguay and her students, had a webinar for Croatian school leaving students at www.mojamatura.net , attended many online conferences and met so many great people that are now my PLN. I have really worked a lot and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am happy to be joining Baw12 this year as a moderator. I will be moderating week 2, 3 and 4 with some great teachers. I blog at http://englishlearning-marijanasblog.blogspot.com/ .

Let's explore, learn, share and have fun!

YahooID: silipa302

Facebook: Marijana Smolcec

Skype: mare302

Twitter: @mscro1

Marijana's intro

Claudia Carril

My name is Claudia, I teach English in Uruguay and this is my 5th time at EVO.

During the previous years I learnt how to create websites, wikis, blogs, and the use of different tools in the classroom. My students work mostly with our wiki, our blog and Skype. Our school year starts in March and I'd like to surprise my students with new projects. I have a Bachelor in TESOL (University of London) and hope to have an MA in the future. I run a small language school in Montevideo where I teach children, teens and adults. I train students to take University of Cambridge and Trinity College examinations, but I also teach people who want to brush up their English to travel, for a job, or just for fun.

My wiki is: www.theenglishcorner.com.ar

My blog is: www.englishcorne-claudia.blogspot.com

My Skype name is: hydeparkuruguay

My e-mail is: claro@adinet.com.uy

See you around

Claudia's intro

   Special Session: "Learning Together" and "Let's get to know you!"




Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT

Rita Zeinstejer

Rita is an EFL teacher with +30 years' experience teaching English at all levels, mainly preparing students to sit for Cambridge FCE and CAE at the Association Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa in Argentina, only center for Cambridge exams in the area, with 2,500 students of English as a foreign language. She is also a Cambridge Oral Examiner, Area Manager for Advanced Courses, and Self Access, Laboratory and Multimedia Coordinator. Rita has given several PPT Presentations on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and CMC (Computer Mediated Communication) for Language Learning in my place, and in Brazil, after having travelled to Cambridge in August, 1999, for a course on the use of computers for Language Learning. She has been the CALL SIG Coordinator in her area for 7 years now.

 Webheads Elluminate vRoom


Saturday, Feb. 11

13:00 - 14:00 GMT




Session Page



"Google Applications"






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Maria Bossa said

at 7:04 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Today session at Tapped In was a great success! Thank you BJB!! Smiles from Argentina, Maria :)

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