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Tour of Tapped In with BJ for EVO Mods (12nov11)



Showing emotions

to emote or show an action start the line with a colon followed by the action
for example type  :waves

no emoticons....we use language to express emotion and movement


Actions dropdown menu

in the top right of this main chat is Actions

you can select Larger Text to make the chat easier to read
you can also select Detach: this will give you a separate chat window and web window

if you detach, resize the chat so that it overlaps the web window and you move back and forth


Basic tour of the main features of Tapped In

let's start with this main chat...
to the left of this chat are two tabs:  Here and Online

at the bottom of the Here tab is the number of users
a speaker icon which indicates private message (not speech), and the green i is for identity

the Online tab shows you everyone who is logged in and where they are located

the Here tab automatically updates as people enter and leave the room...
but the Online tab doesn't...you have to use the refresh button
there is also another icon at the bottom...the door

the green i is for Identity and allows you to ID a person

everyone click one time on Your name and then click on the green i


I'm going to show you where can go if you want to make any changes to your ID page

at the top of the web window is a ME tab: click on it; and then click on Settings on the right in the yellow menu bar

from that location you can edit your profile and description

if you click on edit description, you will see where you can add a photo

icons only appear occasionally in the interface, usually in lists of members of a group

if you've joined any groups, those also appear on your ID page


ViP: don't refresh your browser...that will disconnect you!


at the top of the web window below the ME tab in the grey bar is a Room View button...click on that

you all should now see the welcome screen again

the welcome screen is always the first screen you see when you enter a room

Room View is the welcome screen

a bit about the welcome screen...

you usually see some kind of Welcome note

all the other stuff on the white part of the screen is placed there by the room owner or the group

( Featured Passageways, Featured Items, any pics )

on the left of the white screen is a blue menu: Welcome, in this building, on this floor, etc

and, at the top of the web window you will see the tabs: Me, Tapped In, Help, Search, Logout

you will ALWAYS see the tabs, no matter what view you see

and you will ALWAYS see the drop down menu next to Go!


you'll notice that there is a door icon to the left of the menu next to Go!
that menu allows you to move to ANY location listed from ANY location in Tapped In

this means that if you go off exploring and get geographically challenged... you can return to a familiar place

( the door icon indicates a passageway or link to another location in Tapped In )


Adding a room to Favorite places

there are two ways (always more than one way to do things in Tapped In)

if you are not in a room and want to add it to your favorite places...

you select the ME tab and then Places

when you select Me/Places you will have the option to Add favorite places

you just enter the name of the person's office and press find it

you can also go to that room and then add to your favorites

( when you enter a room that you haven't added to favorites, you will see add to my favorites in green at the top of the web window )

sometimes the best way to learn is to just wander around


Students at TI

if the student is under 18 years, then they are not permitted in this main part of Tapped In...

there is a safe and secure student campus where you can bring those students...

you would create a classroom in the student campus and assign usernames and passwords ...

when those students log in they will land in their classroom



when those students log in they will land in their classroom

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