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"Using Social Networks when creating your PLN"

Monday, Jan 23 - 20:00-21:00 GMT (Week 3)




Guest Speaker: Graham Stanley (Spain)

Coordinators: Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal), Larisa Olesova (Russia) and Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)

Moderators:   Marijana Smolcec (Croatia) and Sharon Betts (USA)  

Other mods present: Anisoara (Romania), Ayat (Egypt), Helen (France), Mbarek (Morocco), Maria (Argentina), Svetlana (Czech Republic)

Participants: Alsu (USA), AniB (Croatia),  BobL (Poland), Branko (Croatia), CatherineB (France), CarolinaM (Argentina), Cholpon (India), DavidB (Nicaragua), DiannaL (??), FaithF (Canada), Gildeta (Brazil)L, KarenFT (USA, but in Asia at the time), LawanD (Saudi Arabia), Reem (Egypt), SueAnnan (England), Thais (Brazil), Tihomir (Macedonia)






Session Recording


Click here to listen to the recording. (You will be taken back to the Elluminate Webheads vRoom.)





Here's the link to Graham's presentation in Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/bcgstanley/graham-stanley-plebaw2012




Useful Links


The aPLaNet Project


Interactive Technologies In Language Teaching


TweetDeck is an app that brings more flexibility and insight to Twitter power users.


 Service to edit your followers and know who doesn't follow you


Most used educational hashtags


Share your photos and videos as they happen and search them through a hashtag


Newspaper on paer.li based  on the tweets of your followers


Dictionary that provides explanations of various Twitter related words


Twitter Dictionary Guide


The List of Chat Acronyms & Text Message Shorthand


Twitter training videos


Graham's blog


Twitter Visualizations, tag clouds


Saves all the tweets from a particular event or search term.


The Archivist is a service that uses the Twitter Search API to find and archive tweets.






Ayat [undisclosed]: hello Mbarek !
Moderator (Session Leader 1): great to see you
caromarco [undisclosed]: Hi, come to Rosario
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: @Graham... I will be with you in BA!!
KarenF02 [Karen]: Oh, I forgot to say that I'm Karen Frazier Tsai who's right now in Taiwan.
Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Hi Mbarek
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: YUUPPII   
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: Hello Mbarek!
helend [helen]: Hi Mbarek - are you sleeping well ?!!
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Thanks a lot Teresa
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): @smilingmaria really looking forward to it
helend [helen]: I can't I'm surrounded my screaming children - arrggg    
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Hi Helen :-=
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Thanks for the applause, Graham - this is a fantastic worldwide group this year.
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): heard you -
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1: hi nicaragua
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1:   
Ayat [undisclosed]: @ Graham, I must admit it was exciting meeting u f2f after online and now it's still exciting online after f2f !!!! WOW !!!
dbalmaceda [undisclosed]: hi
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): so many people from so many places
teresadeca [Teresa]: a very international group, graham
Akaddar [Mbarek]: @Helen , yes , enjoying the chill   
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): lol Ayat - looking forward to skyping with your students
Ayat [undisclosed]: yeah, I am too and they can't wait for it too  !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Hi Graham , thrilled to attend another session of yours   
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes , me too Ayat   
teresadeca [Teresa]: karen, were you the person who sent me a msg today?
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Nicely described, Marijana
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thx Sharon
KarenF02 [Karen]: Yes, Teresa. That was me.
Me: Hi everybody!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Do not hear your voice only some static Anibelani
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Hi Fernanda
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1: hi fernanda
helend [helen]: Hi Fernanda   
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Hi Fernanda
anisoara [anisoara]: Hi Fernanda
KarenF02 [Karen]: Hi, Fernanda!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): YOU GO KAREN!!!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Bravoooo! Karen
Ayat [undisclosed]: Hi Fernanda
helend [helen]: @karen that's dedication !!
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): Karen! Aren't you not tired?
KarenF02 [Karen]: Yes, Fernanda. Thank you!!
KarenF02 [Karen]: I just had to join all of you!
Ayat [undisclosed]: Oh, Karen !!! An Applaud to you !!!!!!!!!!
KarenF02 [Karen]: Thank you!
catherineB [catherine]: Hi Karen you made it!
teresadeca [Teresa]: i think karen came directly from the celebrations    
Moderator (Session Leader 1): LOl   
KarenF02 [Karen]: Just a few hours of sleep
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: surprises at all TIMES   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): We are so happy to have you with us - I am impressed by the attendance.
KarenF02 [Karen]: But I" very happy to be here with all of you.
KarenF02 [Karen]: Thanks, Sharon!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): ok
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Welcome Sue
teresadeca [Teresa]: http://www.digibridge.net/teresadeca/webheads/meetings/teresa-graham.htm
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): great, Teresa
teresadeca [Teresa]: this was 2005
teresadeca [Teresa]: yes
teresadeca [Teresa]: it was so nice, graham   
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1: great pictures
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): it was my first meeting face-to-face with a webhead   
teresadeca [Teresa]: welcome, sueannan   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Terrific pictures - and you have not changed at all in the 6 years since.
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Those changes all are for the better - for all of us.
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): Mike
Ayat [undisclosed]: I have the most recent with Graham I guess !!! LUCKY ME !!!!!!  
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: @Teresa...but your voice, I guess, is still as calm as it used to be
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Yes Lucky you Ayat
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): wonderful place
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): LOL
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: and i will have it in almost 20 days!!
Ayat [undisclosed]: Yes, maria !!   
teresadeca [Teresa]: right. she did
teresadeca [Teresa]: i'm ready to start
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): yes, it was great meeting Ayat in Cairo
Ayat [undisclosed]: Thanksssss, Graham !!!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): If you have any thoughts or questions during the session - please post them in this chat room and we will try our best to answer them.
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Teresa you cab speak
Moderator (Session Leader 1): can speak
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): just fine
Me: yes
anisoara [anisoara]: yes
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes
Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: yes
Faith_F [undisclosed]: Yes
KarenF02 [Karen] 1 #2: yes
caromarco [undisclosed]: yes
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: yes
anibelani [undisclosed] #2: YES
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Welcome Graham  
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): Thank you
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bravo  
Moderator (Session Leader 1): http://aplanet-project.org/
Ayat [undisclosed]: Great Marijana !!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): http://itilt.eu/
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: well done, marijana   
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): http://www.slideshare.net/bcgstanley/graham-stanley-plebaw2012
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thx ladies
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: Maybe we can post the links in YG?
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: Later on?
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Yes, we will post them.
anisoara [anisoara]: personal learanin networks
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Not sure
Moderator (Session Leader 1): http://blog-efl.blogspot.com/
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Personal Learning Network
Ayat [undisclosed]: PLN
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Personal Learning Network
Moderator (Session Leader 1): personal learning network
Faith_F [undisclosed]: personal learning network
dbalmaceda [undisclosed]: have no idea!
Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: personal learning networks
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: environment
Moderator (Session Leader 1): environment
anisoara [anisoara]: personal learning environment
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Yippee!  Love using Twitter
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes sure    twitter
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): sharonbetts
Moderator (Session Leader 1): @mscro1
anibelani [undisclosed] #2: no
teresadeca [Teresa]: teresadeca
anisoara [anisoara]: HEtefl
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: svetlanaobe
lolesova [Larissa]: lolesova
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1: @kiratiho
Ayat [undisclosed]: @ayatawel
Moderator (Session Leader 1): not bad  
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: @mariabossa
Akaddar [Mbarek]: @mbarek
dbalmaceda [undisclosed]: dbalmacedad
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: kfraztsai
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): @grahamstanley
Me: @mfr
Moderator (Session Leader 1): hello Branko   
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bravo branko! you made it!  
Moderator (Session Leader 1): welcome    we just started
branko [Branko]: Hello
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Hi, Branko.
catherineB [catherine]: @catboissier
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: great BaW spirit, Branco, smiles, Maria  
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): http://aplanet-project.org
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thx Sharon posting it again   
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): VLE
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Very nice image - it ties it together.
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): Virtual Learning Environment
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Moodle
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: Unifor
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1: second life
Ayat [undisclosed]: Edmodo !!!!!!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Blackboard
Faith_F [undisclosed]: TappedIn
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Yes it is
Ayat [undisclosed]: Wiggio
Ayat [undisclosed]: Nicenet
Ayat [undisclosed]: It's important to remember that PLE is justa part of the PLN !!!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thx Ayat  
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Yet another nice graphic
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes twitter is a microblog
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): We are very good at conversations and collaborations in this troup
Moderator (Session Leader 1): sure are Sharon  
teresadeca [Teresa]: absolutely   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Does anyone not know what SMS is?
Faith_F [undisclosed]: Yes.
teresadeca [Teresa]: lol
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Would like a clear explanation, please, even tho' I've heard of it.
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Thanks!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Like Instant Messenger - or Yahoo Messenger, lol
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Not in this group - I think you are all risk takers.
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Just say what are you doing now for example  
Moderator (Session Leader 1): It was SF for me last year I enjoy it now 
lolesova [Larissa]: Believe or not I tweeted my real first tweet -
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): congratulations Larissa!
lolesova [Larissa]: TY Sharon - was shy long time
Moderator (Session Leader 1): like an online staff room   
teresadeca [Teresa]: it's a great PD tool
anisoara [anisoara] #2: I'll follow you Larisa
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Larissa, I've just started with a few tweets for the same reason...feeling shy about Twitter.
Akaddar [Mbarek]: my favorite   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): I use tweetdeck a lot - I like the way it divides up different categories
Moderator (Session Leader 1): don't worry you Karen it takes time, but soon you will be addicted as I am
teresadeca [Teresa]: i only used it in baw11 and had lots of fun
lolesova [Larissa]: Sharon, we may have your training for Tweetdeck this year? Last year Mbarek did a wonderful session
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): You could put #baw2012 in its own col.
Ayat [undisclosed]: It's great for twitter chats as well !!!! I was like lost in chats bfore it !!
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Thanks for the encouragement!
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: owowow... that's a great number   
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Tweetdeck looks amazing!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): We will certainly post a tutorial for it.
lolesova [Larissa]: It does Karen
Akaddar [Mbarek]: We can try this year as well   
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes it's a nice tool
lolesova [Larissa]: Mbarek, I am in!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Yea Mbarek -
teresadeca [Teresa]: we have sueanne's tutorial in our Help page, karen
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes, Mbarek is good at tweetdeck!   
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: sure, he is  
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Thanks, Teresa. I will try that out.
teresadeca [Teresa]: love this slide
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Yes, check out tutorials  in our Wiki
Moderator (Session Leader 1): tweting   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): It is also very good for news or if you have a hobby.
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: nice pic   
lolesova [Larissa]: The image is great Graham
Ayat [undisclosed]: wowow !!nice pic!!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): LOL
lolesova [Larissa]: It was me last year - LOL!
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: I am the green one.
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: LOL larisa   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Or you become addicted
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: Left bottom
Akaddar [Mbarek]:  
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Like Gulliver  
Ayat [undisclosed]: hahaha !!! Svetlana !!
anisoara [anisoara] #2: @svetlana lol
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Nice
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: interesting pic  
Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: cool
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes, you don't need to follow everybody if you don't want to
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Always have Spammers regardless of the network - you just need to watch for them - you can block them
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Hello Bob - Graham is discussing twitter and followers
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: In fact my first tweets were spammers.
sueannan [sue] #2: Hello everyone. Having difficulty tonight
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thax Sharon for explaining that, you can block person easily   
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: I was shocked then.
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): That happens Svetlana
lolesova [Larissa]: Svetlana LOL
BobLC [undisclosed]: Thank you Sharon, sorry I'm late
Akaddar [Mbarek]: I use this service to edit my followers and know who doesn't follow me http://dossy.org/twitter/karma/
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: clean kitchen, LOL
lolesova [Larissa]: TY Mbarek
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Good resource, Mbarek
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): It is very good when you are followiong (or attending) a conference.
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Good point Graham
Akaddar [Mbarek]: TU ,Sharon , very useful to get rid of spammers   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): All social networks have that possibility
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thx for the link Mbarek
Akaddar [Mbarek]: My pleasure dear Mod   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): HA!  HA
Moderator (Session Leader 1): the language is funny   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Bluebird number 3
Moderator (Session Leader 1): last one -.)
helend [helen]:    lol
Moderator (Session Leader 1): LOL
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): LOL - and I have heard twit used by mistake - makes me chuckle
Moderator (Session Leader 1): #FF
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Follow Friday
Moderator (Session Leader 1): #BaW2012  
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): We are #baw2012
Moderator (Session Leader 1): #ELTchat
lolesova [Larissa]: Is it different when I type #baw2012 or #BaW2012?
Ayat [undisclosed]: #eltchat
Moderator (Session Leader 1): #Edtech also good
Ayat [undisclosed]: #edchat
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes, with Marisa!!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): 21.00 GMT
Ayat [undisclosed]: #elemchat
Me: no, Larisa
Akaddar [Mbarek]: this is a link to most used educational hahtags : http://www.cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html
lolesova [Larissa]: TY Fernanda
Ayat [undisclosed]: Saturday 10pm GMT (#elemchat)
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Yes, I have often joined #edtech -
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thx Mbarek
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Mbarek - you are so fast, I was looking for that link.
Akaddar [Mbarek]: lol  
Moderator (Session Leader 1): am onit Graham, compiling
Akaddar [Mbarek]: It 's for you Sharon   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Many people think it is just a bunch of people posting when they are eating lunch.
Moderator (Session Leader 1): lol Sharon
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): It is a good thing to teach students - how to communicate in short blurbs
Ayat [undisclosed]: I thought so when I made my first account, Sharon !! Thenit turned my life upside down, or actually UP !!!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): "do U like 2 dance?"
Ayat [undisclosed]: LOL !!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Just an example Ayat,  
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Especially if you follow the correct people - or if you need something, just tweet a question
Ayat [undisclosed]: Endless resources for Professional Development !!!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): endless, I agree
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: agree with you Ayat  
Ayat [undisclosed]: Yes, An amazing life !!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): www.twitpic.com
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): You can setup accounts for your students and have them restrict their followers to other students - like two classes in different countries
Moderator (Session Leader 1): http://www.twitpic.com/
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: Shaun is awesome, I was with him in Paraguay last year
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): A good place to use tweetdeck -
lolesova [Larissa]: Great idea Sharon
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Lego Star Wars   
Moderator (Session Leader 1): wow, I have just found out 3 of my studnets have twitter, was amazed   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): What great experience - authentic learning
Ayat [undisclosed]: My students are 10/11, and I found a couple or sth using it too !!!!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): http://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics/ teachers sharing photos   
Ayat [undisclosed]: Hello Alsu !!
Alsu [undisclosed]: hello Ayat
Alsu [undisclosed]: sorry for being late
Moderator (Session Leader 1): hello Alsu
Moderator (Session Leader 1): it's ok
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): It is good to have you here, Alsu
Alsu [undisclosed]: thank you so much   
helend [helen]: Hi Alsu !
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Never post anything that you would not say in any public place when using these open social networks.
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes, true
lolesova [Larissa]: Welcome to the session Alsu!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Students need to learn this - if something goes online, it is never really erased.
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Bravo Graham
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: Sue Annan says on Twitter:  Having browser problems tonight. Say Hello to everyone from me
Akaddar [Mbarek]: One thing you may like to do with twitter is to update your  newspaper on paer.li based  on the tweets of your followers , here is an example  : http://paper.li/mbarek
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Oh I see so many friends in the image -
anisoara [anisoara] #2: Thank you
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: i have a question
Ayat [undisclosed]: Great as usual, Graham !!
teresadeca [Teresa]: great, as usual, graham    
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Thank you Graham   
Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Thank you, Graham
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): Thank you all for listening - hope it was interesting
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1: thanks graham  
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes it is veery interesting
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): Don't be shy
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): It was very very good - I loved how clearly you explained everything.
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): I want to hear your voices
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Thanks, Graham!
lolesova [Larissa]: It was Graham! During your presentation I sent my first tweet!
teresadeca [Teresa]: bravo, larissa!
lolesova [Larissa]: TY Teresa
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: how do you manage with age?
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Bravo Larissa .))
Moderator (Session Leader 1): I was tweeting all the time
anisoara [anisoara] #2: @helen - you're in the photo
lolesova [Larissa]: Hala is there too
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): I have FB friends from all around the world.
Moderator (Session Leader 1): ys they lie about age
Moderator (Session Leader 1): me to Sharon   
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: I do, too, Sharon.   
lolesova [Larissa]: I see Michael Coghlan too
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: I see JA
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Sharon on the pic
BobLC [undisclosed]: One of the schools I have worked with bans communication with sts via FB on pain of dismissal!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): I see Sasa and Natalia
lolesova [Larissa]: I see Jeff
anisoara [anisoara] #2: You can't create groups in Twitter? as you can do in FB?
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Mbarek
Moderator (Session Leader 1): no voice
lolesova [Larissa]: No sound Mbarek
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: my question was already replied, thanks   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): You can create lists in Twitter
lolesova [Larissa]: Yes
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes
teresadeca [Teresa]: yes
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes now
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Yes
anisoara [anisoara] #2: yes
Moderator (Session Leader 1): great
Akaddar [Mbarek]: can u hear me
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes
lolesova [Larissa]: Go ahead Mbarek
teresadeca [Teresa]: yes
Moderator (Session Leader 1): talk pls
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes using tweetdeck
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): All of my tweets go to FB - that way you do  not need to cross post.
Akaddar [Mbarek]: http://paper.li/mbarek
Ayat [undisclosed]: Would like to make a comment too !! It's a one thanks to Helen !!!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thy mbarek
Moderator (Session Leader 1): wow, thx
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): You are welcome - you really are always there, too.
lolesova [Larissa]: I am receiving request to follow me! WOW!
Alsu [undisclosed]: I have a questions: Perhaps I missed this part, if Graham talked about it. I wonder what kind of information do you disclose in social networks you share with students. How do you divide the personal and academic on facebook, e.g.?
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bravo larisa
thaisloureirodias [Thais]: Very good! I was very late...in time to hear the "thank you" \O/
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Thank u Graham  
thaisloureirodias [Thais]: I hope I can follow the questions
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Good question Alsu!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): It was recorded and will be posted Thais
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: i have them in only one account
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: it's too complicated to have 2 accounts
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Graham, what do you do if your FAcebook account is connected to your teenage children? Isn't it better to keep them separate? That's what I've been doing.
Moderator (Session Leader 1): I have two accounts on FB
Moderator (Session Leader 1): I seperate my account with teenagers and have fb secret group
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): In the US they frown upon connecting with students.
BobLC [undisclosed]: I have 2 accounts one for general use and one for collecting freebies  
Ayat [undisclosed]: I have a separate account for students in FB !!!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes, that's so interesting Sharon
Akaddar [Mbarek]: tweetdeck makes it easier to manage more than one account
Moderator (Session Leader 1): me too Ayat   
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes, 2 accounts for Ayat and Marijana   
Faith_F [undisclosed]: Can teachers working with young learners use social networks as a learning tool? How can it be used with young learners?
Ayat [undisclosed]: yeah !!
helend [helen]: All my teen pupils spend hours trawling through FB and twitter trying to find photos of their teachers drunk   
Moderator (Session Leader 1): you should know Maria   
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: My concern is more about what my children like to post and that I don't prefer having those postings go beyond their own friends and myself.'
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): You can us Edmodo as a learning tool
teresadeca [Teresa]: lol, helen
Moderator (Session Leader 1): edmodo is more safer
Ayat [undisclosed]: LOL !! Helen !!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): Oh boy Helen
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Very suitable and secure  for students
caromarco [undisclosed]: I think it is not necessary to add students as friends. You can create a private group for them and work there.
Ayat [undisclosed]: Yes, Edmodo worked perfect with me !!!
helend [helen]: the nice pupils confessed   
Moderator (Session Leader 1): the nice !?   
Ayat [undisclosed]: @Helen , or posting their pics !!!!
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes, private groups in facebook work well
anisoara [anisoara] #2: but not in Twitter I suppose? create groups
helend [helen]: But they (the teens) do find very strange photos of unwise teachers online ....
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: reindeer teachers, maybe?? LOL   
Moderator (Session Leader 1): no groups, just #hashtags  to follow certain group of people
anisoara [anisoara] #2: very true - going where ss are!
Ayat [undisclosed]: Would like to make a comment !!
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Hola Maria    I saw your reideer pic
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): great idea
anisoara [anisoara] #2: but those who join can bring their friends to the group
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: ohhhh, from parrot to reindeer!!  Merci Mbarek   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): It is nice to use Edmodo or something like that for very young (pre-teen) students.  Then you are not breaking the rules and are teaching them to be ready for FB and twitter
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: I really like that second closed group idea.
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Merci Maria   
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes, very bored
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): I play Words with Friends - which would be good for learning English
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes I have heard of that, nice idea Sharon
Moderator (Session Leader 1): LOL
teresadeca [Teresa]: lol, graham
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): LOL -
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): When cyber takes of real, it is time to logoff.
Faith_F [undisclosed]: LOL!
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1: lol, one has to draw a line   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Yes
lolesova [Larissa]: yes
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes
anisoara [anisoara] #2: yes
thaisloureirodias [Thais]: yes
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Yessssss
BobLC [undisclosed]: yes
Moderator (Session Leader 1): hello Ayat
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes I mostly follow ELT
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Yes, intros are very important - many times I will not follow someone without an intro
Faith_F [undisclosed]: I'm not familiar with jargoon. Where can a learn the twitter jargon (shorthand)?
lawandal [Lawan ]: Oh dear participants, I miss a lot! Hi
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Thanks for that info, Ayat!
helend [helen]: Yes I never follow people who don't put a profile
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: hi lawan   
Ayat [undisclosed]: Thanks Helen for that !!!!!!!!!
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Glad to be one of your followers Ayat   
lawandal [Lawan ]: Hi maria
Moderator (Session Leader 1): good question Ayat
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: agree with you mbarek   
Ayat [undisclosed]: Thankssss Mbarek !!!
helend [helen]: Good point Ayat   
Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Graham, you've mentioned that we can block our spammers, how do we know they are spammers?
BobLC [undisclosed]: http://twittonary.com/
Ayat [undisclosed]: Thankss
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: @lawan... it's early to go to bed here in Argentina   
helend [helen]: Hi Lawan !
BobLC [undisclosed]: http://www.webopedia.com/quick_ref/Twitter_Dictionary_Guide.asp
lolesova [Larissa]: Bob, thanks for the links!
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thx Bob
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): http://www.netlingo.com/acronyms.php
Faith_F [undisclosed]: Thanks Bob. The twittonary will be helpful.
BobLC [undisclosed]: No problem
Moderator (Session Leader 1): good question Cholpon   
Faith_F [undisclosed]: Thank you Sharon for your link also.
Moderator (Session Leader 1): blocking spammers now and
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): You can get messages about religion or buying something
Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Ok, thank you   
Akaddar [Mbarek]: this is a good tutorial f:http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/newTwitter/index.html
Moderator (Session Leader 1): You can find the links on our wiki on Tutorial page
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Thank you all again - this has been extremely interesting.
Moderator (Session Leader 1): just go to Tutorials
Akaddar [Mbarek]: http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/newTwitter/index.html
anisoara [anisoara] #2: Russel Stannard's site
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thx Mbarek
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Welcome dear Mod    Who ?
teresadeca [Teresa]: ty   
Moderator (Session Leader 1): http://blog-efl.blogspot.com/ Graham blog
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): Thank you for coming everyone
lolesova [Larissa]: Bravo!
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Give Graham a hand for a fantastic job!
lolesova [Larissa]: TY!!!!
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Larisa ))))
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Thank you!! A great session!!!
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bravo, see you in Buenos Aires Graham   
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): Thank you wonderful moderators!
Akaddar [Mbarek]: TY
Faith_F [undisclosed]: Thank you, Graham. I think I am ready to try Twitter now.
lolesova [Larissa]: Mbarek, you never believe but your training on Tweetdeck was the only when I used Twitter - LOL
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): Yes, see you soon Maria
anisoara [anisoara] #2: thx Graham and moderators
lolesova [Larissa]: Faith, you should
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: longing for it, Graham   
helend [helen]: Thank you Graham and everybody - great session !
lolesova [Larissa]: Thank you Graham!
Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: Thank you very much  Graham And thank you all moderators
Ayat [undisclosed]: Thanks
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes   
catherineB [catherine]: Thank you Graham. Any time you're coming through Grenoble
anisoara [anisoara] #2: very grateful Graham
anisoara [anisoara] #2: and all mods
lolesova [Larissa]: Good job Marijana and Sharon
anisoara [anisoara] #2: thx for the presentation and participants
BobLC [undisclosed]: Thank you Graham and everyone for another really useful meeting
caromarco [undisclosed]: Thanks Graham!!
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Thank you, Marijana and Sharon!!  
Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Thank you, Graham, Marijana, Sharon, Teresa and the rest of the mods and co-ordenators   
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: Thank you all!
lawandal [Lawan ]: Thank you all
catherineB [catherine]: great job by all of you
Moderator (Session Leader 1):   
Ayat [undisclosed]: Thank you , Graham !!!
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Thank you Graham ,  BAW Mods and all participants   
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): What fun - look for the recording in the wiki.  Bye everyone.
branko [Branko] #2: thank you all, tomorow i'll open account on twiter   
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: gracias Graham   
anisoara [anisoara] #2: extreeemly useful
Moderator (Session Leader 1): thank you Graham and everybody   
teresadeca [Teresa]: pls send isabel my love, graham
helend [helen]: Useful and interesting Graham   
thaisloureirodias [Thais]: i'm looking forward to see the recording    bye all... see you.
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bye  
lawandal [Lawan ]: bye and thank you
Moderator (Session Leader 1): I know   
helend [helen]: Bye for now !
caromarco [undisclosed]: bye bye
branko [Branko] #2: by
anisoara [anisoara] #2: ok, good bye
svetlanaobe [undisclosed]: Bye
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Bye
Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: bye
Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: bye
lawandal [Lawan ]: bye teresa
BobLC [undisclosed]: Bye
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bye teresa
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1: bye
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Bye bye   
Ayat [undisclosed]: Bye eveyone !!!!!
Moderator (GrahamStanley [Graham]): Thank you everyone - bye!
catherineB [catherine]: bye
Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon]): Marijana - you are staying to finish, correct?
Akaddar [Mbarek]: Bye Marijana ,
Me: bye everybody, thanks for coming!
Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Bye Marijana
Alsu [undisclosed]: Thank you all, bye   . See you all at the next session  
KarenF02 [Karen] #2: Bye to everyone! Talk to you soon!
branko [Branko] #2: see you on twiter
Moderator (Session Leader 1): yes, seey ou onTwitter
teresadeca [Teresa]: probably only tomorrow, marijana? the session page
Moderator: ok, np
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bye and see you
Moderator: yes of course   
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1: bye all, wonderful session  
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: agree with you tihomir
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: following you in twitter  
Faith_F [undisclosed]: Wonderful session! Bye.
Moderator: bye all
kiratiho [Tihomir] 1: same here, marija   
smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bye you all, see you around in our Yahoo group, smiles, Maria  









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