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"From Darkness to a Sparkling Connected ELT Community"

Saturday, Feb. 4 17:00 - 18:00 GMT

(Week 4)





Guest Speaker: Cláudio Azevedo (Brazil)

Coordinators: Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal), Larisa Olesova (Russia) and Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)

Moderators:   Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal), Marijana Smolcec (Croatia), Svetlana Obenausova (Czech Republic) & Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)

Other mods present: Anisoara (Romania), Ayat (Egypt), Hala (Saudi Arabia), Helen (France), JA (Brazil), Larissa (USA), Maria (Argentina), Mbarek (Morocco), Sharon (USA)


Participants: Anita (Croatia), Arjana (Croatia), Bob (Poland), Catherine (France), Claudia (Uruguay), Gildeta (Brazil), Indrit (Albania), Lawan (Saudi Arabia), Halima, MaryanneB (USA), Notyetlanguage/Natasa (Croatia), Reem (Egypt), RosemaryR (Canada), Sameh (Egypt), SanjaB (Croatia), Tihomir (Macedonia), VeronicaA (Argentina)



Session Recording


Click here  to listen to the recording. (You will be taken back to the Elluminate Webheads vRoom.)



From darknesstoasparklinginterconnectedcommunity




Joined on 4 de Fevereiro de 2012 at 16:55

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hello every one !!

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): Hello Fernanda

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): Hello Ayat

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Fernanda and Ayat

Moderator (Session Leader): super, all clear!!

kiratiho [Tihomir]: hi Fernanda :)

lawandal [Lawan ]: you're welcome claudia

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): JA, good sound

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi JA - yes very nice

teresadeca [Teresa]: yes

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): yes

Me: hello everyone

lolesova [Larissa]: very clear

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hello Claudio !! Nice to have you with us here !!:)

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: Hi José Antonio

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): Thanks.

Moderator (Session Leader): hi Ayat :) "Ayata" :))

lawandal [Lawan ]: hi maria

lolesova [Larissa]: You also can try hand raise

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hello Marijana !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

lolesova [Larissa]: during presentation - it is a good strategy

catherineB [catherine]: I'm multi-tasking today. The France / England rugby match is just starting!

Moderator (Session Leader): LOL Cat

kiratiho [Tihomir]: yeah, Teresa, great pronunciation :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Burgos is MaryAnn!!!!

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

Ayat [undisclosed]: hahahaha

lolesova [Larissa]: Yessss

teresadeca [Teresa]: yes

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): yes

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: hi Marianne

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): yes

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: ye

Moderator (Session Leader): hi Maryanne

helend [helen]: OMG the rugby match Catherine  !!!

lawandal [Lawan ]: hi maria

indritB [undisclosed]: yes Hi Maryanne

mburgos [undisclosed]: Thanks

BobLC [undisclosed]: Hello Everyone, I am on silent again today becaue baby asleep in room :(

lolesova [Larissa]: Marijana, could you remind for hand raise

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hello Indrit, nice to have you here !!!!!

helend [helen]: @bob babies are more important !

BobLC [undisclosed]: Yes live is best

catherineB [catherine]: Better the baby's sleeping!

lawandal [Lawan ]: hi Ayat

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Reem

Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Reem

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi my dear friend Sharon

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hi Lawan !! Hello Reem !!!

hala [hala]: Salam Reem

reem1 [reem1]: Hello Ayat

teresadeca [Teresa]: welcome reem and sharon  :-)

Ayat [undisclosed]: Salam Hala, dear !!

sharonbetts [Sharon]: thank you - nice to be here.

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hi Sharon !!! How are u ?

hala [hala]: @Indrit.Was it your first trip to India?

kiratiho [Tihomir]: hi Ayat! how r u? :)

Ayat [undisclosed]: Are u back, Indrit ??

indritB [undisclosed]: yes, the first trip

lolesova [Larissa]: Great job

indritB [undisclosed]: yes finally

indritB [undisclosed]: :)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: hello, sorry for being late

lolesova [Larissa]: Maria - hi - we miss your smiles

Ayat [undisclosed]: Safe !!!;) before any more pizza !!!

teresadeca [Teresa]: welcome maria

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: i was in another online session at CO12 :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Questions also can be posted in chat area

kiratiho [Tihomir]: :)

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hi Maria !!!!!:)

hala [hala]: @ Maria.How is your flu?

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: hi sis :)

Moderator (Session Leader): super

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hi Tihomir !!

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: much better but still coughing a lot

lawandal [Lawan ]: hi smiling maria, welcom

catherineB [catherine]: me too

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: hiiiiiiii lawan :)

Moderator (Session Leader): Hi

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

lawandal [Lawan ]: nice having you around

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): yes

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Arjana

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: yes

hala [hala]: yes

lolesova [Larissa]: Yes

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): yes

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes, sound and clear

lolesova [Larissa]: perfect

Moderator (Session Leader): ok, thx

sharonbetts [Sharon]: okay = it is very good

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: yes

reem1 [reem1]: yes

kiratiho [Tihomir]: yeah

lawandal [Lawan ]: yes

teresadeca [Teresa]: welcome arjana

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: Hi Claudio I´m a big fan of yours

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: Hi Teresa, glad to be here with you :-)

Ayat [undisclosed]: We are more excited, Claudio !!!

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Veronica

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: yes

lawandal [Lawan ]: thanks

Veronicaare [veronica]: hello everybody!

Moderator (Session Leader): HI Arjana .))

Moderator (Session Leader): :)

Ayat [undisclosed]: If you are new to Claudio's blog, then today is ur luckiest day and ur students' luckiest day too !!!!!! Woooo :)

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: Hi, Marijana :-)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bravo :)

helend [helen]: yes it was great Claudio !!

Moderator (Session Leader): HI Natasa

Moderator (Session Leader): yes np

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hi helen !! Big hugs !!!

helend [helen]: Hi Ayat :)

Moderator (Session Leader): hi  :)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: Hello claudia :)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: Hello Helen :)

Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Claudia :)

helend [helen]: Hi Maria !

Notyetlanguage [undisclosed]: Hi everyone:)

claudia_carril [Claudia]: Hi evrybody

Moderator (Session Leader): welcome Natasa! so happy you joned us

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Claudia

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): Who are you Notyetlanguage?

anisoara [anisoara] 1: Hello everyone

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: Welcome Anisoara!!! Nice to see you here :)

Ayat [undisclosed]: @Teresa, would u like me to say my words now or later at the end , with people's comments

Moderator (Session Leader): my collegue rom Croatia :)

helend [helen]: HI Anisoara

lolesova [Larissa]: Notylanguage may be Natasa

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hi Anisora !!

Moderator (Session Leader): LOL LArissa

anisoara [anisoara] 1: Hi Tere, Helen, Maria, Ayat

Notyetlanguage [undisclosed]: I do use this blog:) Yes Notyetlanguage is Natasa:D

Moderator (Session Leader): http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com/

lolesova [Larissa]: Natasa - hi and LOL

helend [helen]: Hi Natasa !

Notyetlanguage [undisclosed]: thx lolesova and helend:)

lolesova [Larissa]: thank you for the nice introduction JA

lolesova [Larissa]: we are going to enjoy the session again

Moderator (Session Leader): thx JA

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: nice presentation, bravo JA :)

Moderator (Session Leader): lovely  JA :)

Moderator (Session Leader): Ayat will give you mic later :) ok

Moderator (Session Leader): sorry

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: Hello Veronica for the 2nd time today :)

Ayat [undisclosed]: Claudio can go on and I'll commenta t the end, so as not to take more of his time !!

Veronicaare [veronica]: Right, Maria! Nice to see you in so many places!

Moderator (Session Leader): my two passions as well two my favourite passions

Moderator (Session Leader): movies and teaching :)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: @vero... LOL!! I'm like Coke... I'm everywhere :)

hala [hala]: now you are shaing it with the world

Veronicaare [veronica]: LOL

lawandal [Lawan ]: interesting blending!

Moderator (Session Leader): LOL MAria, you turned into a real multitasker

lawandal [Lawan ]: welcom mbarek

teresadeca [Teresa]: welcome, anisoara  :-)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: I'm trying Mod!! :)

Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Anosara, Mbarek :)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: hello mbakek :)

Akaddar [Mbarek]: Hi Lawan , hi all

catherineB [catherine]: I know the feeling

Akaddar [Mbarek]: Hi Maria :-)

Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Sameh, nice you could come !

lawandal [Lawan ]: hello sameh

Ayat [undisclosed]: Hi Sameh !!

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: me too, Catherine

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: yeah

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: Sharing is caring!

Moderator (Session Leader): true Arjana :)

teresadeca [Teresa]: welcome, sameh

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: cassettes... jees... that denotes MY age!! jeess :(

BobLC [undisclosed]: that's why I am on BAW

Moderator (Session Leader): casettes LOL

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I remember cassete players

catherineB [catherine]: still got some in some schools

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: i still have them in many boxes :)

teresadeca [Teresa]: and now sometimes technology has glitches  :-)

mburgos [undisclosed]: I like the phrase "bloodsucker effect" :)

BobLC [undisclosed]: I chucked the cassette player out of our class last year!

BobLC [undisclosed]: Now onto CDs

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: @veronica & mod... attending, attending! :)

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: lol bloodsucker effect

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: multiMaria :)

teresadeca [Teresa]: same here, claudio. totally by myself

Ayat [undisclosed]: After this session, we all turn into Claudio's blogs suckers !!:)

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: update yourself! I like that :-)

teresadeca [Teresa]: at school. collaboratively with the webheads

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: for sure, ayat :)

catherineB [catherine]: that's how I've been feeling these past weeks

hala [hala]: I am having this feeling now. Strange!

indritB [undisclosed]: @Ayat, I already started to explore Claudio's blog

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: yes

teresadeca [Teresa]: yes, i do

Ayat [undisclosed]: It's unbelievably wonderful

teresadeca [Teresa]: he's a dear

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: he  is one of us

lolesova [Larissa]: Catherine and Hala - me either

teresadeca [Teresa]: i met ronaldo f2f in NYC

Moderator (Session Leader): yes, what to blog about!?

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: finding a blogging topic can be challenging

hala [hala]: Does this mean we are having "bloodshuckerism"?

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes, tell me!!! :)

Ayat [undisclosed]: Yes, itis !!

reem1 [reem1]: that's our question

Moderator (Session Leader): LOL Hala

lolesova [Larissa]: exactly JA - I think that the strongest interest of yours could be a good guide like in Claudio's case

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: yes Larissa

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: It is about what ticks you

lolesova [Larissa]: Exactly and what you can and want to tell the world

lolesova [Larissa]: and it should be your normal life what you love to do

hala [hala]: I stopped blogging  and I am not happy about that.

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: about a passion

lolesova [Larissa]: Hala, me either

lolesova [Larissa]: passion should come first

Moderator (Session Leader): Blogging is hard work I would say

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: agree with you Mod :)

reem1 [reem1]: i agree

lawandal [Lawan ]: hala, bloodsuker

Moderator (Session Leader): but if you have the passion all is possible

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I am not proud about my blogs either

catherineB [catherine]: blogging takes time at first - so really need the passion

mburgos [undisclosed]: Will Richardson says the same thing.  Blogging is hard!

lolesova [Larissa]: JA, your blogs are amazing

hala [hala]: bloodsuckerism should stop after baw 2012

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I wish I did it more often

Moderator (Session Leader): thx Maryanne, didn't know that

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: Thanks Larissa. I really think they could be better

lolesova [Larissa]: this is the biggest challenge JA and you are right. We need to devote more to our passion if we are going to keep the blog sustain

sameh [Sameh] 2: I think it is about the motivation to complete it

Ayat [undisclosed]: I agree Larissa. JA , u are doing a god work with ur blog !!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: The absence of comments

hala [hala]: lol

lawandal [Lawan ]: lol

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: is a bloggers´ nightmare

lolesova [Larissa]: Sameh, yes, motivation is the major thing to keep everything update, right?

sameh [Sameh] 2: yeah what is after blogging?

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: of course, larisa... motivation!! all the time

BobLC [undisclosed]: It's really good when other people contribute or even if you know they are reading

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: That s when you reach bigger audiences

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I had a blog in wordpress that received lots of traffic

Moderator (Session Leader): Claudio has now more than 1000 followers , am one of them :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Bob, it is correct when you know that people read your blog - it is rewarding and motivating

Ayat [undisclosed]: Me too :)

hala [hala]: WoW!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: and some teachers started assigning homework for students in my blog

helend [helen]: I follow claudio too !

lawandal [Lawan ]: great!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: That was cool

reem1 [reem1]: me too

catherineB [catherine]: sometimes feel so little, I don't dare comment!

teresadeca [Teresa]: fabulous, claudio!!! kudos

lolesova [Larissa]: It is hard to deal with lurkers in your blog -

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: wowowow... richard!!! :)

lolesova [Larissa]: they don't leave the comments usually

Moderator (Session Leader): Maria :)! LOL

anisoara [anisoara] 1: I also used Claudio's blog for Crosscultural communication and law students

Moderator (Session Leader): yes, nice activities

BobLC [undisclosed]: If you put a counter on your blog you can see how many times it has been visited

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: Caludio´s blog is just practical

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: very handy

lolesova [Larissa]: I demonstrated Claudio's blog to Yakutsk

lolesova [Larissa]: it is good for busy teachers

sameh [Sameh] 2: it might be about the audianc you are bloging for.

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: it is a life saver

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: my students love the movies

hala [hala]: Do you think of "what to blog" DURING watching the movie for the first time, or do you think about the activity and then remember which film segment to use?

lolesova [Larissa]: Sameh, the audience is important and if you know your audience it is easier to write for them -

mburgos [undisclosed]: Why blogging is still hard http://weblogg-ed.com/2009/why-blogging-is-hardstill/

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: and the excerpts that Claudio chooses are perfect

Moderator (Session Leader): thx for link Maryanne

sameh [Sameh] 2: yeah I mean about making them giving comments

lolesova [Larissa]: Maria, ty for the link

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: my students leave the class saying "I am going to watch this movie this weekend"

Veronicaare [veronica]: My students also love movies. I prepare dvds for them and sometimes I upload some scenes (youtube).

lolesova [Larissa]: What is nice we as teachers can record the segments and go to teach

Moderator (Session Leader): you will enjoy Claudio's blog Veronica

hala [hala]: WoW1

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: 17.000 wow

teresadeca [Teresa]: and whar a fantastic process, claudio! bravo!

Veronicaare [veronica]: Nowadays, I wonder whether copywright laws may bring trouble...

Moderator (Session Leader): wow, clap, clap claudio

BobLC [undisclosed]: That's brilliant Claudio

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: i am sure adding to this number when I am preparing classes

catherineB [catherine]: is that 10,000 from Bawers??

lolesova [Larissa]: Veronica, where do you upload scenes?

Moderator (Session Leader): ok Claudio

Veronicaare [veronica]: youtube

Moderator (Session Leader): mic ayat

lolesova [Larissa]: Yes

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: yes

teresadeca [Teresa]: yes

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes

Veronicaare [veronica]: yes

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): yes

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): yes

hala [hala]: yes

Me: yes

hala [hala]: lol

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: hahaha

sharonbetts [Sharon]: Yes, it is a wonderful blog -

hala [hala]: blogsuckerism around the world!

reem1 [reem1]: yes Ayat

teresadeca [Teresa]: what a great comment, ayat!  :-)

reem1 [reem1]: specially Me

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: collaborative bloodsucking

Moderator (Session Leader): thx Ayat :)

teresadeca [Teresa]: congrats, claudio!!!!  :-)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bravo claudio! :)

Ayat [undisclosed]: Thankss

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: very nice Ayat

Moderator (Session Leader): meaningful context right :)

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I love Douglas Brown

lolesova [Larissa]: Bob thanks for the advice

lawandal [Lawan ]: right

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: sure

Ayat [undisclosed]: Thank u everybody for this great chance !!! :)

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: giving and receiving

sharonbetts [Sharon]: this is so funny - we sound like a group of BAW vampires.  taking and giving is the BAW spirit

Moderator (Session Leader): LOl Sharon

hala [hala]: lol Sharon

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: The Bawer Diaries

BobLC [undisclosed]: no prob Larissa, my blog was for students and I wondered if I was doing it for my benefit or theirs so I was able to track visits

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: written in blood and blogging

Ayat [undisclosed]: I had visits from other teachers (not even English teachers) and they just got out saying we finally understood grammar lessons we didn't understand before at school !!!!!

Moderator (Session Leader): good question Veronica, nice answer Claudio! thank you

lolesova [Larissa]: I will put the counter and I may need your help Bob

BobLC [undisclosed]: It's good to know this Claudio

BobLC [undisclosed]: Will try Larissa

Moderator (Session Leader): LOl jA "bawer Diaries!"

sameh [Sameh] 2: I do not know that before.

Veronicaare [veronica]: My question relates to these days, when things are getting harder...

indritB [undisclosed]: guys I will follow you later, need to go to the hospital because I have gotten food poisoned in India.. cant wait to listen to the rest of the prsentation when back ... thanks to all and special thanks to Claudio

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: clear

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

sharonbetts [Sharon]: yes

lolesova [Larissa]: yes

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: yes[

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): yes

sameh [Sameh] 2: yeah

Notyetlanguage [undisclosed]: Claudio knows cinema...that's how he can create such wonderful activities. Even without activities students learn a lot from films...and with the classroom tasks and involvement in all language skills the effect is multiplied:)

anisoara [anisoara] 1: yes

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: @vero... bravo... 2nd time online today !! :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Natasa, movies are Claudio's passion and he knows a lot about movies, right.

Moderator (Session Leader): love your comment Natasa! :)

Ayat [undisclosed]: Oh, take care, Indrit !!!

lolesova [Larissa]: The activities are really wonderful

BobLC [undisclosed]: Good luck Indrit

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): Thanks

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: You are very generous

teresadeca [Teresa]: i share your feeelings about not making money, claudio

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: that's wonderful, Claudio!

Moderator (Session Leader): yes pls :)

Veronicaare [veronica]: Thanks

lolesova [Larissa]: How can you keep 17000 movies? Claudio.

lolesova [Larissa]: or people - LOL

hala [hala]: hits

Moderator (Session Leader): LOL

lolesova [Larissa]: Oh I see

lolesova [Larissa]: how many segments?

Moderator (Session Leader): 600 activities

Moderator (Session Leader): wonderful

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: Your activities are fantastic my students love them

lawandal [Lawan ]: wow

lolesova [Larissa]: and if blogger has any restrictions or limitations to store all your segments?

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: wowowowow... you are a real movie lover !!! :)

Moderator (Session Leader): true movie lover

lolesova [Larissa]: Claudio, do you know how much you can upload on blogger - the capacity.

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

sameh [Sameh] 2: like me :)

lolesova [Larissa]: 100 MB

Moderator (Session Leader): less than 100 MB

lolesova [Larissa]: TY

Moderator (Session Leader): super we can continue

sameh [Sameh] 2: yeah

Moderator (Session Leader): I love husky

BobLC [undisclosed]: Do you use a program to reduce the film size, Claudio?

kiratiho [Tihomir]: loved this movie

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: wowowwoow... it's nice to see richard again :)

teresadeca [Teresa]: just shows your sensitive, claudio

anisoara [anisoara] 1: Oh my god, love it

teresadeca [Teresa]: maria, are you betraying Mr Tut??!!  ;-)

Moderator (Session Leader): LOL Teresa

Ayat [undisclosed]: LOL

lawandal [Lawan ]: really interesting!

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: nooooo, Tut is #1, richard and brad come next! ;)

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: it is great when you integrate skills

sharonbetts [Sharon]: personalizes and makes interesting.

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: my students enjoy the conversation part

Moderator (Session Leader): http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com/2011/01/hachiko-dogs-story-passive-voice-with.html

sharonbetts [Sharon]: now I am going to watch this entire movie!

anisoara [anisoara] 1: Me too, Sharon

Moderator (Session Leader): yes pls watch, click the link I just posted

kiratiho [Tihomir]: u should Sharon, it's a very emotional movie :)

lawandal [Lawan ]: certainly

lolesova [Larissa]: Sharon, there was a story in Yakutsk about Yakutsk Hachi and this story reminds me about Claudio

Moderator (Session Leader): When done click on the smily face

Ayat [undisclosed]: Marijana, is the mic on !

Me: my connection is too slow today :(

Moderator (Session Leader): its ok Fernanda :) Sharon, Sameh you were fast

sharonbetts [Sharon]: claudio has the mic

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: done

lawandal [Lawan ]: seems very interesting!

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: done

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: very nice segment

sameh [Sameh] 2: not as usual it is my connection today

anisoara [anisoara] 1: so impressive

Veronicaare [veronica]: ok

BobLC [undisclosed]: Excellent clip, will have to see the film

teresadeca [Teresa]: lovely clip

reem1 [reem1]: Reem my students keep asking me to see the whole movie!!!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: yes, they do

sanjab [undisclosed]: nice

Moderator (Session Leader): I love that dog,

lolesova [Larissa]: LOL Claudio

lawandal [Lawan ]: :)

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: mine always say they will watch it at home

sameh [Sameh] 2: yeah can i continue this

BobLC [undisclosed]: Contextualised too

Moderator (Session Leader): yes in context :)

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: yes

lawandal [Lawan ]: really contextual, yes

Moderator (Session Leader): np

sharonbetts [Sharon]: yes, very good way to keep student interest

lolesova [Larissa]: right Sharon

BobLC [undisclosed]: I wish I had seen this last week

Moderator (Session Leader): you were doing Passive Voice Bob?

BobLC [undisclosed]: Yes

Moderator (Session Leader): Now you know, :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Bob, you can try Passive Voice with Claudio's blog as the follow up

teresadeca [Teresa]: you can always go ovre it again  :-)

Moderator (Session Leader): Claudio has several fimls with passive voice

BobLC [undisclosed]: but slowly with weak ints, good idea Teresa

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): I am glad you take part in this presentation, Bob

sameh [Sameh] 2: yeah this is creative

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: How can you have grammar eyes tha´s the problem

Veronicaare [veronica]: Claudio: it's been a great pleasure meeting you. Your work is wonderful!!! I really have to go now. Read you around!

Moderator (Session Leader): you take a pic according to level for example

BobLC [undisclosed]: THank you Svetlana me too

teresadeca [Teresa]: absolutely, bob

Moderator (Session Leader): Bye Veronica

lolesova [Larissa]: Bob, you can download the word documents with all Passive Voice activities or ask students work from home and discuss in class

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: it is a good idea to work with passive voice

BobLC [undisclosed]: Thanks Larissa

hala [hala]: Me too. It wasa pleasue being here.Excellent content

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: it is a point that sometimes is difficult forthem

hala [hala]: Will listen to the recording later

Moderator (Session Leader): Bye Hala

hala [hala]: Bye everyone.

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: bye Hala

BobLC [undisclosed]: Bye Hala

lolesova [Larissa]: Bye Hala

teresadeca [Teresa]: bye hala and veronica

lawandal [Lawan ]: wow! going hala?

hala [hala]: Claps for Claudio

hala [hala]: bye

lawandal [Lawan ]: bye, hala

Akaddar [Mbarek]: Bye Hala

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: wow

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: by hala

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: wow

Moderator (Session Leader): once a week new activity :) Bravo Claudio

anisoara [anisoara] 1: such a large amount of work

lolesova [Larissa]: LOL Claudio

BobLC [undisclosed]: That's brilliant Claudio

teresadeca [Teresa]: yes, very funny, claudio. and very considerate of your followers

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: there are millions of exercises!!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: subtitles help

lolesova [Larissa]: JA, yes, you can play with subtitles and then without

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: of course, they do!!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: sure larissa

lolesova [Larissa]: Free is a magic word, Claudio

BobLC [undisclosed]: My favourite word :)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: @larisa... esp for teachers! :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Bob LOL

mburgos [undisclosed]: Do students ever download worksheets with answers before you use segments? in class

lolesova [Larissa]: Maria - exactly

lawandal [Lawan ]: very kind of you, claudio

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: that is funny

reem1 [reem1]: Reem thank you claudio

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: we do change students perceptions about grammar when we contextulize

catherineB [catherine]: happy tears are good

Ayat [undisclosed]: This other blog is just great !!! esp for writing topics !!!:)

BobLC [undisclosed]: yet!

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: It´s great as well

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: but it will become

Moderator (Session Leader): http://warmupsfollowups.blogspot.com/

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: I love it, too , Ayat

teresadeca [Teresa]: it's fabulous, claudio!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: It kind of taught me how to use videos for conversation activities

sameh [Sameh] 2: wow

Halima [Halima]: just tweeted:@Mbarek @IsilBoy @claudiothomas1 is the REAL teacher!!!I admire his UP!!!

reem1 [reem1]: great!!

Moderator (Session Leader): Today you posted RIO movie love it

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: wow!!!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: Once in while I choose a movie and have them have a conversation before and after showing it

Moderator (Session Leader): clap, clap

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bravo

teresadeca [Teresa]: bravo, claudio!!!  :-)

Moderator (Session Leader): just posted all in chat

catherineB [catherine]: wow, claudio, do you have any other passions like the movies??

BobLC [undisclosed]: Thank you so much for this Claudio

teresadeca [Teresa]: thank you!  :-)

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): Claudioazv@gmail.com

claudia_carril [Claudia] #3: Thank you Claudio

sameh [Sameh] 2: can we use it in our classes?

lawandal [Lawan ]: thank you indeed, claudio

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: fantastic

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: clap, clap

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): Sure you can use them

Akaddar [Mbarek]: Great presentation , thanksa million Claudio

helend [helen]: Thanks Claudio - that was great !

mburgos [undisclosed]: Claudio, thanks so much!

catherineB [catherine]: A real pleasure to get your inspiration

sanjab [undisclosed]: Thank you, Claudio

lolesova [Larissa]: Bravo!

sanjab [undisclosed]: Great presentation, Claudio

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: how do you embed the movies?

Moderator (Session Leader): share on youtube, then embed Maria

BobLC [undisclosed]: smilingmaria on blogspot you can upload to post

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: as you said you don't dowload from youtube

kiratiho [Tihomir]: that's the question, Maria :)

BobLC [undisclosed]: click on icon above text box

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes, i know that but he said he doesn't download from yourtube

lolesova [Larissa]: Maria, I know Claudio record using Real Player and then upload on blog directly

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: ohh, thanks larisa

Moderator (Session Leader): he uploads to youtube and embed a video from it then

Moderator (Session Leader): ok thx Larissa, we will ask him

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: he said he doesnt use youtube

lolesova [Larissa]: No he doesn't use Youtube

mburgos [undisclosed]: How does he transfer segment from DVD?

lolesova [Larissa]: Using Real Player

BobLC [undisclosed]: Dvd ripper

lolesova [Larissa]: real Player can easily cut and copy the segments

kiratiho [Tihomir]: Tnx Larissa :)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: thanks

BobLC [undisclosed]: http://www.winxdvd.com/dvd-ripper/

mburgos [undisclosed]: thanks

Ayat [undisclosed]: I love Claudio's initial comments before showing the segment or the activity . Here's one of them "This movie is for children and teens but it has a great message for the whole family'. It helps alot and prepares u for what's coming !!!

Ayat [undisclosed]: Thank you claudio for that !!

Notyetlanguage [undisclosed]: It's his secret:D

Moderator (Session Leader): LOL Natasa :)

Moderator (Session Leader): will ask him Maryanne

Ayat [undisclosed]: Yes, he gives links to his wiki in the segments blog

Halima [Halima]: we like BRAZILIAN MOVIES VERY MUCH!Waiting 4 more of then at Your blogs!!

Notyetlanguage [undisclosed]: I use Real Player to download Claudio's segments:)

lolesova [Larissa]: Real Player is easy

lolesova [Larissa]: Natasa - yes exactly

sharonbetts [Sharon]: nice presentation - thank  you Claudio

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: what's your wiki?

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): http://moviesegments.pbworks.com

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: the sound is not good could you repeat it

Moderator (Session Leader): http://moviesegments.pbworks.com/w/page/27524778/FrontPage

Moderator (Session Leader): LOL Claudio thx for posting

Moderator (Session Leader): originals :)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: wowowo.... i have books and you have dvds!!

Me: http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com/2008/11/downloading-movie-segments.html

Akaddar [Mbarek]: Thank you Claudio for your interesting and inspiring presentation . My question :Listening to native speakers is not an easy task  for students learning English a foreign language . Are there any particular ( clear) English accents you prefer to have in the segments to avoid multi tasking for your students ?

BobLC [undisclosed]: Thank you for expalining that Claudio

Moderator (Session Leader): yes mostly teachers

Notyetlanguage [undisclosed]: Oh, they wouldn't bother if it's not in the test:D

lolesova [Larissa]: But the students can download if teachers want and plan right?>

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: maybe the teacher can do it orally

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: they wouldn´t

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: without showing the sheets

mburgos [undisclosed]: Great answer!

teresadeca [Teresa]: i agree, claudio

teresadeca [Teresa]: about the student perspective

BobLC [undisclosed]: That's a good thing getting them to study on their own initiative

Ayat [undisclosed]: For the first time, students elicit the use and form and meaning of a certain tense directly after watching the segment !!!

Ayat [undisclosed]: and they also remember it for ever !!!

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: students do not know whAat scenes we will use before class

mburgos [undisclosed]: No, the answer was very good.

Moderator (Session Leader): ok

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: it is uploded

joseantoniook [Jose Antonio]: you upload the video

lolesova [Larissa]: No embedding

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: Thank you Claudio Your presentation was very nice.

Akaddar [Mbarek]: thank you :-)

Moderator (Session Leader): good question Mbarek :)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: totally agree, english is everywhere

teresadeca [Teresa]: absolutely, claudio. different accents

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: different accents make studens understand different english accents

BobLC [undisclosed]: Make the task fit the student not the language

BobLC [undisclosed]: If the accent is needed then probably for higher levels for exposure

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: that's right bob!

Akaddar [Mbarek]: sure

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: authentical english!! yes :)

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: The focus is on grammar rather than on listening.

teresadeca [Teresa]: that's what's so good about the internet: authentic language

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: agree with you teresa :)

Ayat [undisclosed]: I agree claudio, it happens with my students !!

Moderator (Session Leader): yes visual input :)

sameh [Sameh] 2: I think I am going to use it this week I have a conversation coursse

Ayat [undisclosed]: They can watch a movie now from a different perspective, authentic language !!!

Akaddar [Mbarek]: Thank you very much Claudio

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

Moderator (svetlanaobe [undisclosed]): Thank you so much again.

lawandal [Lawan ]: yes, great!

kiratiho [Tihomir]: Thnaks, Claudio :)

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): Thaaaaanks!

helend [helen]: Thanks so much Claudio - lots of inspiration !

Moderator (Session Leader): becoming a blogger

Notyetlanguage [undisclosed]: Thank you Claudio and moderators:)

mburgos [undisclosed]: Keep up the good work, Claudio!

catherineB [catherine]: fantastic!

Akaddar [Mbarek]: Thank you Marijana and Svetlana :-) Great job :-)

lolesova [Larissa]: Teresa you demonstrated in yakutsk

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: Wonderful, Claudio! thanks

lolesova [Larissa]: Claudio's blog

BobLC [undisclosed]: Thanks, once again Claudio, and also mods and everyone

Moderator (Session Leader): thx Mbarek :)

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: Thanks to moderators:-)

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): Great pleasure!

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: sure, it was :)

Moderator (Session Leader): thx Arjana :9 it was awesome having you all here

catherineB [catherine]: When's the next time??

lolesova [Larissa]: 2013!!!!

Me: Thanks so much Claudio to be here! Clap, Clap, Clap!!

Akaddar [Mbarek]: :-) :-) :-)

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): Sure!!

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): Bye!

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: Thnaks  everyone bye bye

reem1 [reem1]: Thankyou

anisoara [anisoara] 1: Thanks and bye everyone

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: Bye, bye

reem1 [reem1]: bye

lawandal [Lawan ]: thank you claudio

claudia_carril [Claudia] #3: Bye bye

lolesova [Larissa]: Thank you so much Claudio

rosemaryr [Rosemary]: Thank you very much Claudio

lolesova [Larissa]: Thanks a lot Jose Antonio

Akaddar [Mbarek]: Bye bye

Halima [Halima]: THOUSANDS EDUCATIONAL tools ,but the PASSION IS ONLY  ONE LOVE  to movies!!

Gildeta [Maria Gildeta]: in Campinas too

teresadeca [Teresa]: lovely sunset here, but cold

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: storm is coming in argentina :(

lawandal [Lawan ]: thanks teresa, marijana, svetlanao and all

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): claudioazv@gmail.com

reem1 [reem1]: thankyou

lawandal [Lawan ]: clap, clap, thank you

catherineB [catherine]: thank you and goodbye!

teresadeca [Teresa]: bye, claudio! thank you again on everyon'es behalf here  :-)

anisoara [anisoara] 1: bye

Ayat [undisclosed]: Thank you Claudio for everything !!!!

sameh [Sameh] 2: this is amazing :)

kiratiho [Tihomir]: bye :)

lawandal [Lawan ]: thanks marijana

lawandal [Lawan ]: bye:)

Moderator (Session Leader): :) Lawan :)

sameh [Sameh] 2: bye :)

teresadeca [Teresa]: bravo, svetlana and marijana!  clap, clap, clap

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bye and see you again later, smiles to you all from Maria :)

Notyetlanguage [undisclosed]: thx marijana:) bye:)

teresadeca [Teresa]: thank you both

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: Thanks Marijana, great moderation :-)

Moderator (Session Leader): bye Natasa :) lovely you could come

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): Great, Svetlana.

Arjana_Blazic [undisclosed]: bye

Moderator (Session Leader): bye

BobLC [undisclosed]: bye everyone

Moderator (claudioazevedo [claudio]): OK, I'll be waiting

lawandal [Lawan ]: thanks and bye everyone

Ayat [undisclosed]: Bye all !! See u !!

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: svetlana loves music!! :)

rosemaryr [Rosemary]: Thank you Marijana, Svetlana bye everybody

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: bye to you all :)

Moderator: bye Rosmery



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