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Yahoo Messenger Audio Conference (19 Jan 12)



Mods: Ayat, Fernanda, Maria, Marijana, Teresa


Participants: Branko, Catherine, Claudia, DavidB, KateO, Lawan, Leonardi and Sneza


We talked about and explored some features of Yahoo Messenger (YM), but also chatted about Skype. Unfortunately, it wasn't recorded, but Ayat sent a summary and, together with the chatlog, where some questions were asked, I'll try to give some answers here. (Teresa)




Summary of the session main points

(sent to the list the following day by Ayat at Teresa's suggestion during the conf.)


Good morning dear friends,
I'm Ayat, one of week 2 mods. I want to thank Sneza, Catherine, Lawan, David, Branko, Kate and Claudia for joining us in a wonderful YM conference last night !!
Hope I haven't forgotten anyone !!! I'm really sorry for those who tried and couldn't join us. No worries, we are always there and can do it again and again !! :)
A big thank you to Teresa & Fernanda (our co-coordinators) and Maria & Marijana(week 2 co-mods) for being there too !!!
Teresa has led us into exploring some of the features of YM, how to start an audio conference, and invite others to it. So, some started their own conferences on the spot, but we noticed that the first conference you join is the one u have access to audio. When you join other conferences while being in the first, you will have access to chat only!! We expected the conference to close when Marijana (who started it) left, but it didn't !! That's good to know !!
Reflecting on how we can use YM in teaching: Teresa explained how a teacher can use it to manage group work with students. So, if students are working on a debate, for example, a teacher can start more than one conference in the same time. Each with a different group of students . Another idea was that students can use it themselves working together in a project .
Thanks to participants' questions, we learnt that we can have as many participants in YM conference, and a maxinmum of 25 participants in a Skype conference.
We can send files in both YM and Skype, while we can screen share only in one to one Skype chats. We can have video conferences in both tools, while Bandwith might be a problem in YM.
Waiting for any other reflections from friends who were there , if I have forgotten anything !!
Catherine, would you share with us your experience using Eyejot with your students? Was it your first experience with this tool?
Thank you all again, and whether you joined us or couldn't , you can ask about any doubts you have !!
See you,

Ayat (week 2 co-mod)



Comment from CatherineB

Thank you Ayat for writing up the notes for last night's conference! It was great being in contact with so many people. And I really enjoyed trying things out while being  'looked after' so well! It was just as Michael had said: we were able to listen to one talk in the main conference while chatting about it on other conversations. Talk about multitasking!
 I would hesitate doing that with most of my students because their level in English would not be strong enough or they wouldn't be confident enough with the technology; It'll all take time, as Michael said again. 
But it is good to be able to be in contact with the others while learning on this course. Thank you. 




Conference Jan 19, 2012 10:09:22 PM

10:01:35 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: no voice here

10:01:47 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: yes. i hear you

10:01:49 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: ok, log out and I will ask you again

10:01:54 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: but i have no voice

10:02:01 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: yes

Lawan Dalha has joined the conference. (10:02:05 PM)

10:02:14 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: i did, but it didn't open

10:02:22 PM catherine.boissier: Hi Lawan!

10:02:40 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: maybe we shoul opne a new one

10:02:43 PM Lawan Dalha: wow! its already full house, hello everone

10:02:48 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: and i have voice chat enabled in Actions

10:03:03 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: marijana, can you invite kate omans?

10:03:04 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: I have lost my talk button too now

10:03:19 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: I will try

10:03:37 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: is her ID kata.omans

10:03:54 PM davidbalmaceda: great.. but at least it is working

10:03:55 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: yes, i think so

10:04:03 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: i don't have it in the lsit

10:04:09 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: but now I can't talk myself

10:04:12 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: i'm going to try another computer. will log off

10:04:17 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: for now

10:04:21 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: ok

10:04:29 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: hi catherine!

sneza.filipovic has joined the conference. (10:08:19 PM)

10:08:19 PM catherine.boissier: OK

10:08:21 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: hi Teresa

10:08:32 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: all ok now

catherine.boissier has left the conference. (10:08:37 PM)

10:08:53 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: i will log out, will the room vanish if I do so, as I was the one to open it?

10:09:22 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: no

Conference Jan 19, 2012 10:32:50 PM

10:23:24 PM Lawan Dalha: Hello Teresa and all

10:23:36 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: right, catherine. that's a new button

carril_claudia has joined the conference. (10:24:45 PM)

10:24:54 PM Lawan Dalha: 

10:24:59 PM teacher_mariaines: well done claudia, you did it! 

10:25:15 PM carril_claudia: thanks

10:25:21 PM teacher_mariaines: you are welcome

10:25:23 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: welcome, clauidia!

davidbalmaceda has joined the conference. (10:25:51 PM)

10:26:24 PM carril_claudia: Yes, perfectly

10:26:41 PM teacher_mariaines: good, claudia! I was asking you in your private chat! 

10:26:55 PM carril_claudia: How come? What shall I do

10:27:12 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: yes

10:27:15 PM carril_claudia: yes

10:27:16 PM Lawan Dalha: yes

10:27:19 PM sneza.filipovic: yes

10:27:59 PM carril_claudia: Ok,thanks

10:28:18 PM leonardilk2: hhMy name is Leonardi. I am from Indonesia.

10:28:43 PM davidbalmaceda: ok

10:29:10 PM leonardilk2: I did press the talk button, but I did not hear anything

10:30:37 PM Lawan Dalha: leonardilk can you try again if it works for you (press and hold)

10:30:43 PM teacher_mariaines: bravo teresa 

10:30:44 PM davidbalmaceda: great.. thxs..

10:30:46 PM catherine.boissier: can I try to open another group now? 

10:31:03 PM omansk: What program do you recommend for recording such conferences?

10:31:59 PM teacher_mariaines: i lost sound, sorry

10:32:17 PM davidbalmaceda: yeah

10:32:23 PM davidbalmaceda: I see..

10:32:48 PM teacher_mariaines: thanks 

teacher_mariaines has left the conference. (10:32:50 PM)

Conference Jan 19, 2012 10:44:29 PM

10:33:13 PM sneza.filipovic: No green button in other

teacher_mariaines has joined the conference. (10:33:57 PM)

10:34:02 PM teacher_mariaines: thanks lawan

10:34:22 PM Lawan Dalha: I tried to bypass Ayat

10:34:37 PM teacher_mariaines: it's ok, we are all learning here 

10:34:47 PM teacher_mariaines: ayat won't mind 

10:34:54 PM Lawan Dalha:  how many marks?

10:35:08 PM teacher_mariaines: 100% 

10:35:13 PM catherine.boissier: II'm now having two conversations 

sneza.filipovic has joined the conference. (10:35:53 PM)

10:36:29 PM Lawan Dalha: thanks, maria. Ayat reduces my marks bicos I bypassed her

10:36:32 PM sneza.filipovic: Now I am still not authorised to join this conference

10:36:48 PM teacher_mariaines: ahahah, don't worry i will convince her! 

10:37:36 PM sneza.filipovic: Now I am not authorised to join either

10:37:48 PM Lawan Dalha: Teresa, can we try opening two conf and see what happens?

10:37:55 PM teacher_mariaines: don't worry sneza, the same happened to me several times 

10:38:24 PM catherine.boissier: I've shut it already and invited her back in

10:38:24 PM sneza.filipovic: At least I can write

sneza.filipovic has joined the conference. (10:38:37 PM)

10:39:16 PM sneza.filipovic: It says Voice error!

marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec has joined the conference. (10:39:22 PM)

10:39:36 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: hi all

10:39:50 PM teacher_mariaines: hi marijana

10:39:52 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: it say I ma not authorized to jon the conference

10:40:03 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: will log out, and try later in few minutes

marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec has left the conference. (10:40:13 PM)

sneza.filipovic has left the conference. (10:40:59 PM)

sneza.filipovic has joined the conference. (10:43:06 PM)

10:43:49 PM sneza.filipovic: Thanks Catherine! I am back again!

10:44:29 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: great, sneza! audio?

Conference Jan 19, 2012 10:53:59 PM

10:44:29 PM catherine.boissier: I'm now in 3 conferences

10:44:58 PM sneza.filipovic: Yes

10:45:08 PM Lawan Dalha: its a good idea

10:45:33 PM teacher_mariaines: no sound again

10:45:53 PM teacher_mariaines: one question

teacher_mariaines has left the conference. (10:46:18 PM)

teacher_mariaines has joined the conference. (10:47:09 PM)

10:47:18 PM Lawan Dalha: i finally did it

10:47:42 PM teacher_mariaines: thanks catherine

10:47:48 PM catherine.boissier: And I used Eyejot with my beginners today!

10:48:07 PM teacher_mariaines: teresa, i need to ask a question when you finish

10:49:34 PM mfr2000pt: you're low, maria

10:49:35 PM catherine.boissier: well, it wasn't very exciting! but I'll try! Eyejot is nice & easy

10:49:46 PM mfr2000pt: what's the yahoo id?

10:49:50 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: it is, catherine

marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec has joined the conference. (10:50:06 PM)

10:51:11 PM catherine.boissier: ok

10:51:12 PM teacher_mariaines: bertnf this is his ID fernanda 

10:52:00 PM Lawan Dalha: Is it possible to have video conference, the same way as we are having audio now?

10:52:11 PM teacher_mariaines: good question lawan

10:52:40 PM mfr2000pt: I have just added him to my list, but he has to accept

10:52:53 PM teacher_mariaines: ok

10:53:01 PM teacher_mariaines: but he doesnt have audio 

10:53:04 PM Lawan Dalha: ok, thank you

10:53:13 PM teacher_mariaines: even if i try the big screen he cannot listen to us

10:53:24 PM teacher_mariaines: thanks teresa 

10:53:46 PM Lawan Dalha: who?

marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec has joined the conference. (10:53:55 PM)

10:53:58 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: hi

sneza.filipovic has joined the conference. (10:53:59 PM)

Conference Jan 19, 2012 11:09:22 PM

sneza.filipovic has joined the conference. (11:01:41 PM)

11:02:18 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: not yet

11:02:24 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: but one on one yes

11:02:32 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: it's super

11:04:00 PM davidbalmaceda: what does it mean when your name in this confernce is in black? 

11:04:09 PM omansk: aaahh i see!

11:04:39 PM davidbalmaceda: Nice

11:06:00 PM Lawan Dalha: great!

11:06:09 PM omansk: I think this is great.. I`m motivated to do some more exploring with all of these tools

11:06:16 PM teacher_mariaines: you see lawan... ayat is good at the end! 

11:06:23 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: Yes, we are exploring all the time

11:06:44 PM Lawan Dalha: yes I see

11:06:45 PM davidbalmaceda: thanks...and do you have any idea of why whatever I write appears twice in the window? hehehe

11:06:54 PM teacher_mariaines: boys and girls scouts 

11:07:07 PM teacher_mariaines: hahaha, the same happened to me the other day david

11:07:09 PM teacher_mariaines: yes, ayat

11:07:10 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: I don't see it twice David?!

11:07:18 PM teacher_mariaines: it happened to me too, some minutes ago

11:07:24 PM catherine.boissier: Could we check that sneza is with us? She's on the list but can't hear or see us

11:07:32 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: yes

11:07:36 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: Sneza, hello

11:07:40 PM teacher_mariaines: teresa and ayat

11:07:52 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: yes

11:07:53 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: we can

11:08:48 PM teacher_mariaines: good 

11:08:52 PM davidbalmaceda: well peopel that's weird, cuz I do see it twice!

11:08:59 PM omansk: Thanks all for this introduction to YM conference. I have to leave for a bit, If you are still here when I get back I`ll join again! 

11:08:59 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: LOL

11:09:20 PM teacher_mariaines: david and I have clones then!! 

11:09:22 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: Are you sure it's not a clone 

Conference Jan 19, 2012 11:12:36 PM

11:09:37 PM davidbalmaceda: lol maybe

11:09:56 PM teacher_mariaines: yes, david... the best people have clones jajajaj 

11:09:59 PM omansk: Thanks again!!

omansk has left the conference. (11:10:03 PM)

11:10:19 PM davidbalmaceda: For sure...

11:10:26 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: googling 

11:10:31 PM teacher_mariaines: so... don't worry

11:10:37 PM teacher_mariaines: i lost sound again 

11:10:43 PM teacher_mariaines: but i will help federico,

11:10:47 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: again!

11:10:47 PM teacher_mariaines: see you guys later on

11:10:47 PM Lawan Dalha: just a question

11:10:51 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: bye

11:10:53 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: bye Teresa

11:10:57 PM branko.rumenovic: Thanks to all of you

11:10:57 PM teacher_mariaines: yes, clones are doing a bad job with me 

11:10:59 PM ayat / tooty: Thank you, Teresa !!!

11:11:02 PM catherine.boissier: Bye & thanks

11:11:03 PM teacher_mariaines: see you around ,smiles 

11:11:04 PM davidbalmaceda: What's the limit for people in a confernce?

11:11:05 PM sneza.filipovic: Thanks a lot!

11:11:14 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: bye everybody! 

11:11:26 PM branko.rumenovic: Will we speak tomorow?

11:11:42 PM Lawan Dalha: well, bye teresa, see you around, thank you

11:11:56 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: good night Teresa 

11:12:00 PM branko.rumenovic: bye 

11:12:00 PM carril_claudia: Thanks people, this was my first attempt at YM

11:12:12 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: Great Claudia

11:12:21 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: can you speak Claudia?

11:12:36 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: say sth claudia!

Conference Jan 19, 2012 11:13:45 PM

11:12:45 PM carril_claudia: Yes, I'm still a bit lost, this is my 5th evo

11:12:53 PM marijana (croatia) / silipa302 Smolcec: press on Talk button 

11:13:45 PM teca2002pt@yahoo.com: bye again



How to "Start a Conference" and "Invite" friends 

A conference is a private group of people chatting through text and audio, who enter by invitation only


  • In the main YM window, click the "Actions" menu and then "Invite to conference..." (bottom)
  • In the new window, select the names of those you want to invite (Messenger List) and click the "Add" button in the middle for their names to appear in the "Invitation List" on the right
  • You can customize the "Message" text
  • Check "Enable Voice for this conference"
  • When you're through, click the "Invite" button


The recipients should receive a notification from YM asking them to "Join" or "Decline". Click the appropriate button and you should be taken (teleported, so to say) immediately to the conference window, where your name or ID will show on the right.



  • If you want to invite someone that isn't in your Friends' List, click the "Invite Other..." button, paste the Yahoo ID and click "Ok"
  • When you invite several people at one time, press the Ctrl key while you select the names and then click the "Add" button


Yahoo Messenger Conference Help



Things we found out while exploring YM

  • Some started their own conferences on the spot, but they said that the first conference you join is the only one where you have access to audio
  • When you join other conferences while remaining in the first, you will have access to text chat only
  • We expected the conference to close when Marijana (who started it) left, but it didn't. That's good to know!
  • Any conference participant can invite other people in



Programs recommended to record audio sessions

Not an easy answer. And we have no dfinite answer. We need to continue our explorations and experimentations.


We've used both Audacity (free) and Total Recorder (paid, I think), and some of us have had great results and bad ones with both. We still haven't been able to figure out why.




Videoconferencing is possible, but video takes up a lot of bandwidth. In the case of a guest sepaker presenting through YM, I suggested having his/her webcam on for a couple of minutes. Then turn it off and just use audio.





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