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Page history last edited by Fernanda Rodrigues 11 years, 1 month ago

Special Session: "Learning Together" and "Let's get to know you!" 

Wednesday, Feb. 8 - 15:00 - 16:00 GMT

(Week 5)  Webheads Elluminate vRoom


How it started in BAW2011  


Ayat Tawel (Egypt) Maria Bossa (Argentina)  Marijana Smolcec (Croatia)

Claudia Carril (Uruguay) 

 Sharon Betts (USA)




Guest Speakers: Ayat Tawel (Egypt), Maria Bossa (Argentina), Marijana Smolcec (Croatia) Claudia Carril (Uruguay)

Special Guest Speaker: Sharon Betts (USA)

Coordinators: Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal), Larisa Olesova (Russia) and Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)

Moderators: Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal)

Other mods present: Anisoara (Romania) and Svetlana (Czech Republic)


Participants: Anita (Croatia), Branko (Croatia), Catherine (France), Cholpon (India), Lawan (Saudi Arabia), Reem (Egypt), Sameh (Egypt), Vance (in Morocco), Victor Hugo (Peru) 


Session Recording

Click here  to listen to the recording. (You will be taken back to the Elluminate Webheads vRoom.)


Ayat and Maria's Slideshow


Claudia and Marijana's Slideshow



Useful links

International Interviews

International Interviews


Photopeach for Education http://photopeach.com/education
 CRO-URUG penpal project home page with description of interviews and some Audio recordings



Skype interview - Croatian students with Uruguayan teacher Claudia



Photopeach of CRO_URUG Skype interview 





Joined on 8 de Fevereiro de 2012 at 13:45

teresadeca [Teresa]: hi fernanda  :-)

Moderator: Hi, Teresa! :)

teresadeca [Teresa]: who's session leader? did you hear me?

teresadeca [Teresa]: going to check audio

branko [Branko]: can you repat

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: hello from argentina :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): no sound, branko

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): yes

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: yes

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): welcome maria :-)

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: thanks teresa

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: helllooooooooo victor, such a nice surprise

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: thanks for coming

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Hello everybody

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): it's a wonderful surprise!  :-)

branko [Branko]: hello, i hear you now

victorhugor [undisclosed]: The honor is mine

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: de nada :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): yes, i hear

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Thanks for inviting me

smilingmaria [undisclosed]: great branko

branko [Branko]: ok

branko [Branko]: yes

branko [Branko]: we have a lot of snow

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): wowowowow... snow

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): yes

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yessssssssss victor

branko [Branko]: hy

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): :-)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks for your words

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): if you don't learn, we will refund your money and time :) LOL

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): LOL

Moderator (Session Leader): :)

branko [Branko]: :)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): nice to see you victor

branko [Branko]: i have a smoll window on my computer

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): nice green shrit

branko [Branko]: ooooo hello viktor

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yes, such a handsome man :)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): jajajajajajaja

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): welcome, larissa  :-)

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Teresa

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): welcome :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi everyone

lolesova [Larissa]: I am excited to attend this great presentation

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): how true! a great family  :-)

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Nervous is sight for growing

lolesova [Larissa]: I am great but I am having my breakfast

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): LOL

lolesova [Larissa]: Fernanda, may I talk a little bit later. No vodka in the morning Maria!LOL!

lolesova [Larissa]: I just came back from gym and need some breakfast

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): ok, vodka

lolesova [Larissa]: Vodka in the morning is awful

Moderator (Session Leader): lol

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Why not Pisco Sour from Peru

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yesssssssssssssss

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): jees, it seems im the drinker here :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): not just you, maria

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): welcome claudia  :-)

lolesova [Larissa]: Yes

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): that's great to know it teresa

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): yes

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yes claudia

branko [Branko]: welcome claudia

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): good, that's what i'm gonna do too :)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yes larisa

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): yes

branko [Branko]: y

Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Larisa!

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): Thanks

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): hello

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): LOL, a-ha

branko [Branko]: hy marijana

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): hej Branko, thank you for coming

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks for sharing it, teresa

lolesova [Larissa]: Fernanda thanks a lot for moderating this session

Moderator (Session Leader): very well

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): hello, i know thatttt voice :)

branko [Branko]: :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Marijana LOL

catherineB [catherine]: hi everone

lolesova [Larissa]: You will

Moderator (Session Leader): just arrived

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Hello every body !!

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Ayat

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): ohhhhhhh i haven't see my twin :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): welcome ayat and catherine  :-)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): LOL

lolesova [Larissa]: LOL Marijana

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): make it less, please

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): LOL

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): LOL

Moderator (Session Leader): ok!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Hi victor!!!

lolesova [Larissa]: Sharon

catherineB [catherine]: great can't wait!

lolesova [Larissa] to teresadeca [Teresa]: Do we need Sharon?

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Hi Maria, Marijana, Claudia !!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): hi catherine

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Hi Ayat, hello Sharon

lolesova [Larissa]: Great - Catherine nice to hear you

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): Hi Ayat

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): ayat... pic the mic

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): ok

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): we're all great when among friends, right, catherine?

catherineB [catherine]: does he want my dog to join him?

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): yes

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): hi Ayat

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yessssssssssssssssssssss

branko [Branko]: yes

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): yes

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): i love that voice, i even dream about it :)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Claudia did you try the mic

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): yes

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): hahahahaha, it's nervous now !!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): :)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): loud and clear claudia

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): perfect claudia

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): LOL

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): LOL

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): ROTFL

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Hi Sharon !!!!!!!!!!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Hi Sharon, welcome

sharonbetts [Sharon] 1: Hello everyone.

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Sharon

lolesova [Larissa]: Yes

Moderator (Session Leader): yes

lolesova [Larissa]: very clear

sharonbetts [Sharon] 1: excellent

victorhugor [undisclosed]: From Facebook

Moderator (Session Leader): ok

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): i also invited victor

Moderator (Session Leader): ok

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): FB, super Vistor probably Maria's post

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): reem needs to try audio

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): welcome anisoara  :-)

anisoara [anisoara]: Hi everyone, sorry to be late

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): hello anisoara

anisoara [anisoara]: I cannot hear or speak to you

lolesova [Larissa]: Anisoara go through Audio set up

anisoara [anisoara]: I am not at home so I will only be able to communicate with you  in the chat area

lolesova [Larissa]: Tools-Audio-Audio SetUp Wizard

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): ok

sharonbetts [Sharon] 1: also ensure your mic is not muted

lolesova [Larissa]: Then you will hear us

anisoara [anisoara]: the reason is that I only have a computer access from a nearby office

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Hi Anisora thx for coming and support

lolesova [Larissa]: Anisoara can you go through audio setup

anisoara [anisoara]: I will listen to the recording later, sorry

sharonbetts [Sharon] 1: Guess not

Moderator (Session Leader): can you hear us?

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Hello Anita, I was worried, :) about you?

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): LOL

lolesova [Larissa]: Sorry Anisoara

anisoara [anisoara]: I don't have mic or speakers

anibelani [undisclosed]: hi

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): welcome anita  :-)

anibelani [undisclosed]: :-)

Moderator (Session Leader): ok

lolesova [Larissa]: Anisoara you can't listen to the session and using the chat area?

lolesova [Larissa]: without your voice I mean?

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): will be back in a sec

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): a sec...??? are you back??? LOL :)

catherineB [catherine]: you've all gone silent!! Are u still there?

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): I have posted to Google plus and Facebook -

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): thx Sharon

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): super

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): we're all here, catherine!  :-)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks sharon, i guess our presentation is all over the web now LOL

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): try again, reem

Moderator (Session Leader): Reem was trying to say sth

anibelani [undisclosed]: I had some problem with sound

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): another 2 or 3 minutes

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): let's wait about 3 mins more

anibelani [undisclosed]: but now it is ok

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): I do not hear reem

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): very low, reem

anibelani [undisclosed]: me too

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): try again

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): reem, say sth

lolesova [Larissa]: No sound Reem

Moderator (Session Leader): no sound, Reem

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): yes, now you have the mic

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Svetlana

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): what about anita?

reem1 [reem1]: i am talking but the mic seems n't ok

Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Cholpon!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): hello svetlana and cholpon :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): welcome svetlana and cholpon  :-)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): check settings again

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Cholpon

reem1 [reem1]: ok

Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Hi all

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): you can start fernanda

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Best of luck to presenters!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Fernanda

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks victor

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): thx Victor

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): thanks :)

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Hello Fernanda!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): :)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): ayat was not the 1st one this time LOL

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): yes, :)

catherineB [catherine]: Wow!

reem1 [reem1]: great

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): it sure is amazing!

lolesova [Larissa]: It is indeed

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): I am sure :) it can be followed :)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): thank you Fernanda :)

catherineB [catherine]: will do!

lolesova [Larissa]: More collaboration after this presentation

lolesova [Larissa]: Yes Sharon

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yes

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): great sound

anibelani [undisclosed]: yes

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes,

reem1 [reem1]: yes

Moderator (Session Leader): If you have any thoughts or questions during the session - please post them in this/the chat area and we will try our best to answer them., or raise your hand and I'll give you the mike to ask your question

lolesova [Larissa]: exactly

lolesova [Larissa]: 7 year old?

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): yes, so cute !!!!!!!!

lolesova [Larissa]: Cute

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): super, :) Bravo to them and Tut Maria

Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Sameth!

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): how wonderful, sharon and ayat! :-)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): LOL

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): welcome, sameh  :-)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): I am grateful to you for such a wonderful time !!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): awesome Sharon, bravo Sharon and Ayat :)

lolesova [Larissa]: We see how it is easy to connect through technology with others

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): Mr. TUT (anakamon) is always there :)

catherineB [catherine]: what a great idea!

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): absolutely, sharon! thank you  :-)

reem1 [reem1]: amazing really

lolesova [Larissa]: and BAW is a great community to experience collaboration

sameh [Sameh]: Hi trease and hello to every One :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): very well said, sharon!

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): thanks all

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): clap, clap :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Great!

lolesova [Larissa]: LOL

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): haha :)

catherineB [catherine]: I bet the kids loved it

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): wow!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): wonderful idea, I did the same with my class

lolesova [Larissa]: Thank you a lot Sharon

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): I did too

anibelani [undisclosed]: :-)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): You remeber Anita :)

reem1 [reem1]: reem amazing idea

anibelani [undisclosed]: off course

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): ok,

lolesova [Larissa]: Hello Ayat

reem1 [reem1]: Hello

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Transparent English, María!

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): Thank you, Ayat - AGAIN!

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): thanks so much, sharon  :-)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): wonderful slide ladies :)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): wait for the best :) OUR PICS LOL :)

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): Love the title - a great theme for week 5 of BAW

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): I know, do I see Mr Tut? :) as well

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): no, mr tut is not here today

lolesova [Larissa]: Indeed Sharon - why not to add this title to week 5

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): super idea to have a topic on the project!

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): definitely, marijana

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): something they can share their ideas on, and football of course

catherineB [catherine]: love messi

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): great - the real life experience is so valuable

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): RL in VL

anisoara [anisoara]: Woww Ayat, I can hear you!

sameh [Sameh]: this is a great idea

lolesova [Larissa]: Anisoara great

lolesova [Larissa]: it is going to be a great session

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): great, anisoara!

anisoara [anisoara]: so good not to be deaf!

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): i can imagine the excitement!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Introduced to web tools - bravo!

lolesova [Larissa]: LOL Anisoara

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): excitement for sure Teresa

lolesova [Larissa]: Sameh, indeed it is a great idea

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): :))

sameh [Sameh]: I like to do it

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): reflection on the experience. great!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): excellent idea, feedback is very important :)

anisoara [anisoara]: cultural learning

branko [Branko]: :)

lolesova [Larissa]: of course Ayat

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): fun is so important

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): maybe they were shy?!

reem1 [reem1]: wonderful Ayat!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): fun and F.U.N :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): and those will participate another time, for sure

catherineB [catherine]: did you get the students to talk to each other?

lolesova [Larissa]: very good idea Ayat

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): This extension is WONDERFUL - using tools they use already

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yes catherine, just one more minute

sameh [Sameh]: but I think using technology will help us to overcome shy students

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): I think w ehave another fast talker here Teresa :)) great job Ayat

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): absolutely, sameh!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): heloo Lawan

anisoara [anisoara]: Welcome Lawan

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): LOL, marijana

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): i am famous in egypt  :)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): you are Maria

sameh [Sameh]: Hi lawn My friend

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): welcome lawan  :-)

Moderator (Session Leader): :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Lawan

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: hello everyone!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): super you made it lawan

Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Lawan!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): hello lawan

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: got here with tears!

sameh [Sameh]: yeah You are very Famous

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): how fabulous, ayat!  :-)

lolesova [Larissa]: WOW

anisoara [anisoara]: so impressive!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): super, an article, it meant so much to them :))

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): :-)

sameh [Sameh]: where is the picture

reem1 [reem1]: greaaat!

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): How exciting - wonderful

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): i can just imagine  :-)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): in a real magazine from my school

anisoara [anisoara]: life after the Interview! so important!

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): right, maria

sameh [Sameh]: thanks Ayat

anisoara [anisoara]: yes

lolesova [Larissa]: yes

catherineB [catherine]: thanks, that was great

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): vgood, ayat  :-)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Bravo Ayata!!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thanksssssssss :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Great job Ayat

Moderator (Session Leader): great job, Ayat!

Moderator (Session Leader): http://photopeach.com/album/17qcpq4

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thank you !!!!!!!!!:)

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: quite great job

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): love that photopeach

Moderator (Session Leader): http://photopeach.com/album/qgkfv4?ref=more

lolesova [Larissa]: great idea with FB

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): thank you for the link - great pics.

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): maria, it's a private FB group, isn't it?

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): super idea :) FB, Maria is a smiley educator, FB fan

Moderator (sharonbetts [Sharon] 1): these are some very lucky students to have you teachers!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): http://photopeach.com/education

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): absolutely, sharon! and they'll never forget this experience

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Here you can see our project as a sample of Photopeach for education

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): http://photopeach.com/education

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Inspirational group

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thank you Sharon !!!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): It's all thanks to Baw 11

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): very much, victor  :-)

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: wow! qiute inspiring, i love it

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes Ayata!! all to BaW2011 and larissa wiki page :))

lolesova [Larissa]: isn't it great Lawan?

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Yes !!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): will say sth more about it later

lolesova [Larissa]: wow

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): You rock our mods and coordinators

lolesova [Larissa]: My wiki page Marijana?

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): baw12 rocks!!!  :-)

lolesova [Larissa]: LOL

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): all baws have rocked!!!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): a page you created for email projects in Baw2011 wiki

sameh [Sameh]: yeah

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): remember Larissa

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Very special moments shared too !!

lolesova [Larissa]: Ah, 2011 - it was wiki project not email - but thanks for reminding Marijana

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): you posted YG post in one place so we can easily find a partner for collaboration

sameh [Sameh]: nice title

lolesova [Larissa]: we established the page on BAw2011 for possible collaboration

anisoara [anisoara]: indeed Larisa

lolesova [Larissa]: Ayat and Maria realized it

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): yes, Larissa , it was agreat one !!!

lolesova [Larissa]: Thank you!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes Claudia and I did the same

lolesova [Larissa]: Yes Marijana

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): wowoowo !!!:)

lolesova [Larissa]: Can't wait to listen to yours soon

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): LOL  Maria

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: lol

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): YES, IT DID !!! :)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): will tweet this Maria's quote, of if I could be there when this two meet :))

anisoara [anisoara]: very nice thoughts, Maria

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thank you all soooo much !!!!

lolesova [Larissa]: I have a quick question

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): great, ayat and maria. bravo!!!

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Great job, sweet Maria!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): :)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): BRAVO!!!

anisoara [anisoara]: clap clap to Ayat and Maria and their students

branko [Branko]: good job

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes Larissa :)

branko [Branko]: :)

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: exciting good job!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Great job, Maria !!!!:)

lolesova [Larissa]: May I ask one quick question?

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: thanks Ayat and maria

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): you are welcome

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thanks Fernanda

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): and how enthusiastic you both are!

lolesova [Larissa]: Answer the first question pls

reem1 [reem1]: Great job Ayat

Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: A great job, ladies :)!!!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): sorry, can you repeat the q

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thankss

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): what was the question ??

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes, the egyptian airport will definitly burst in happiness when they meet

anisoara [anisoara]: so they communicated in writing

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Chatting, because of time difference it was difficult

catherineB [catherine]: ok thanks

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): yes

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): closed but oublic

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): closed but public yes?

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): very good idea having a private FB group

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): am a member!

lolesova [Larissa]: good idea

anisoara [anisoara]: but moderated

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): that's the way with young students

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes Larissa time flies

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): ayat can reply

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): wow, great

lolesova [Larissa]: great age for collaboration

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): daily wow

anisoara [anisoara]: but they were motivated to communicate

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Though different in level, they could manage !!

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): that's what's important

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yes, they were motivated

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks, larisa

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Yes, we will think about that !! Thanks Larissa !!

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: bravo

lolesova [Larissa]: You should publsih it because collaboration is rare and specifically for schools

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks lawan

lolesova [Larissa]: and for age 10-12 -

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks larisa

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): can't hear you Sameh

Moderator (Session Leader): we can't hear you

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): no sound, sameh. just buzz

lolesova [Larissa]: Sameh no sound

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): weird audio for sameh

lolesova [Larissa]: Sameh you may use chat?

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Sameh, you have the mic now

lolesova [Larissa]: no sound

sameh [Sameh]: sorry

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): sorry can't hear you

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): can you write the question, sameh?

lolesova [Larissa]: Sameh, could you type your question?

sameh [Sameh]: my question about how long does it take from them to prepare for such a good work?

lolesova [Larissa]: Great question Sameh

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): :) Love your question

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): good question!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): every day :)

Moderator (Session Leader): very good indeed! to give this years' participants an idea of what they can do

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): any project should be very well planned and the teachers should feel very comfortable with the tools they'll be using. my two cents...

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: great!

lolesova [Larissa]: exactly Teresa - that's why I stop it right now because I am in the USA not in Yakutsk

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes teresa

sameh [Sameh]: one of the proplems that I face it takes a long time of preperation

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): oh boy

anisoara [anisoara]: thank you ladies

lolesova [Larissa]: Great job Ayat and Maria!!!!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): how to continue after such wonderful ppt

catherineB [catherine]: big smiles!!

lolesova [Larissa]: Marijana LOL!

sameh [Sameh]: great woork friends

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): thank you girls (ayat and maria). bravo!!!  :-)

reem1 [reem1]: thank you Ayat and Maria

lolesova [Larissa]: Are you 100 km/h Marijana???

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): ohhh !!! The best still to come, Marijana !!

victorhugor [undisclosed]: I think students' positive attitude to technolgy is the key

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thanks Reem and everybody !!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks everybody :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): absolutely, victor

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): LOL Marijana :)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): IT WILL, Marijana !! :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): any webhead meeting is a very special event

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): sure it is, teresa :)

sameh [Sameh]: Sure

anisoara [anisoara]: the Nile will be close lol

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): if not you'll get a ticket, marijana  ;-)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Yes !!:)

lolesova [Larissa]: BAW2012 - we may connect that page about collaboration to our BAW2012 with updates and follow up

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): All are welcome !!:) I haveReem and Sameh here who will agree with me !! :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Thank you for reminder Marijana

sameh [Sameh]: I agree :)

lolesova [Larissa]: I even see my contribution to your projects

reem1 [reem1]: OF course

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): make sure there is enought koshary in cairo for me :)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): hahahahahaha, Maria :)

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Claudio

reem1 [reem1]: you r all welcomed

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes, you take credit Larissa :)

sameh [Sameh]: I will make a special one for you

sameh [Sameh]: :)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Hi claudia !!

sameh [Sameh]: :)

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: :) welcom

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): great, i will love it :)

sameh [Sameh]: welcome claudia

anisoara [anisoara]: in which language did parents comment?

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): thx Claudia for telling more about the use of wikis, super tool

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): absolutely, claudia

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): English as a tool!!!

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): and also time zone differences

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): sth they learned

catherineB [catherine]: cultural awareness is so important & motivating

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): i guess parents made comments in spanish as in uruguay they speak spanish

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes Cat

lolesova [Larissa]: exactly Claudia

anisoara [anisoara]: they write for a real audience not for hte teacher

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): right, anisoara

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes good point,Anisoara

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): good student matching is definitely a must

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes, it was a match teresa

Moderator (Session Leader): http://englishcorner.pbworks.com/w/page/37978194/Croatia-Uruguay%202011%20e-mail%20project

lolesova [Larissa]: I love physical appearance

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): her boys and my girls LO .)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): though we may not always be right in our choices

lolesova [Larissa]: it would be interesting to read how they described themselves

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): age is important

anisoara [anisoara]: and difficult to find, Teresa but when it happens it is a success

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): @marjana... what a nice family it would be! :)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): you will see some letters later Larissa

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): it sure is, anisoara

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): lol

Moderator (Session Leader): penpal project home page with description of interviews and some Audio recordings

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: very good collaboration for learning

anisoara [anisoara]: how different!

lolesova [Larissa]: TY Marijana

sameh [Sameh]: this is amazing

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): 100% their topic

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): soon in March

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): example of letter

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Valentina and martin very great collaboration

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): will upload the ppt in slideshare later

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): very sweet idea, the souvenir

Moderator (Session Leader): thanks, Marijana

lolesova [Larissa]: wow souvenirs!!! I love it

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Claudia's lovely idea

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): wowowowo !!!

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: thats good of you, marijana and claudio

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Time consuming, but rewarding

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes :) victor true

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): exactly the same holiday time in argentina

lolesova [Larissa]: Victor right but when teachers are motivated students are motivated as wll but it is time consuming indeed byut rewarding indeed

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): topic is very important yes!!!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): agree, larisa and victor

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): vgood, claudia  :-)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): we were very motivated, tchs and sts

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: thank you claudia

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Great job, Claudia !!

lolesova [Larissa]: Great job Claudia and very clear explanation.

lolesova [Larissa]: Claudia and Marijana, did you grade their letters?

catherineB [catherine]: age of students?

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): older than our students, :)

Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Vance!

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: welcom vance

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): welcome vance  :-)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): hello vance, nice to have you here

lolesova [Larissa]: Hi Vance

sameh [Sameh]: hi vance

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Oh, Vance !!!!! Hellooooo !!! :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): mr webhead himself!  :-)

Moderator (Session Leader): It's an honour to have you with us today!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): We will have to repeat our part again for Vance !!!! ;)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks for having come, Vance; it's an honor for us :)

vances [undisclosed]: hi, just a cameo appearance :-)

Moderator (Session Leader): Skype interview - Croatian students with Uruguayan teacher Claudia

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Though he heard it before !!

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): thank you for coming, vance  :-)

lolesova [Larissa]: good idea

lolesova [Larissa]: and good math skills in English

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): yes, Larissa !!:)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): that's absolutely right, marijana. about stds and web tools

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: thank you marijana

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Great efforts are made in order students use English in and out the classroom, but Native language is first used by Ss out of class

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): agree with you victor

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes, recordings were funny

lolesova [Larissa]: it is normal Victor but using authentic environment like in this case made them use language in class

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): LOL

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): they use L1 outside but L2 in the groups

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): not posts in spanish or arabic in our case

lolesova [Larissa]: LOL Maria

sameh [Sameh]: this is a good work to make students in such an age

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): ty  :-)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): yea :)

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: :)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): seems we used the same pic with marijana, LOL :)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): LOL

sameh [Sameh]: uptodate idea

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks dear marijana :)

lolesova [Larissa]: yes Marijana

victorhugor [undisclosed]: totally agree with you, this is a great opportunity to use English meaninfuly

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Maria, FB expert !!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yeap... but TUT is not in my facebook! :(

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: wow maria!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): hahahahaha !!:)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): i loveeeeeeee facebook

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): you can find me anytime there

lolesova [Larissa]: Private group setting is a good idea

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: good idea!

lolesova [Larissa]: Birthdays!!!!

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): very importanta to congratulate! motivation is everything  :-)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): wowowow... my post is there! :)

Moderator (Session Leader): Photopeach of CRO_URUG Skype interview

lolesova [Larissa]: Maria - you are a FB expert

sameh [Sameh]: Social Network

vances [undisclosed]: 5 conference goers standing here looking and liistening over my shoulder

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): LOL larisa, I love socializing :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): great, vance!  :-)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): wow, thx Vance for coming

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: yes gracias!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): na gode lawan :)

lolesova [Larissa]: one question

catherineB [catherine]: really exciting

branko [Branko]: great job marijana & claudia :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): vgood, girls (marijana and claudia)! bravo!!! :-)

Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Thank you, Marijana and Claudia :), a great job!!!

anisoara [anisoara]: involvement, yes

reem1 [reem1]: Agree

sameh [Sameh]: yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

anisoara [anisoara]: thank you

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): lovely way to wrap up, marijana  :-)

reem1 [reem1]: this is great

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: thank u

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Congratulations to all presenters.

Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Does Skype have a recording tool?

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): bravo girls :)

vances [undisclosed]: we must head into an opening ceremony here in Marrakech

vances [undisclosed]: maybe see you in an hour and a half

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Thank you very much for sharing

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): bye vance :)

anisoara [anisoara]: girls you can present at TESOL or IATEFL

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): bye Vance :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): bye, vance. ty for coming here

lolesova [Larissa]: Cholpon yes you need to install recorder for skype

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: bye vance

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Hope we meet soon

vances [undisclosed]: http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/volunteersneeded for more info

vances [undisclosed]: bye for now

lolesova [Larissa]: Anisoara - you are right

Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Larisa, thanks how to do it?

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): @victor... are you coming to BA?

victorhugor [undisclosed]: Good bye and have a great week!

lolesova [Larissa]: I will show Cholpon

lolesova [Larissa]: email me Cholpon

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): bye victor, see you

lolesova [Larissa]: Question

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): bye, victor! ty

Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Ok I will, thnx

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): thx fernanda

victorhugor [undisclosed]: See you around!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanksssssssssss victor

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): phoned, text me :)) f2f

anisoara [anisoara]: it's important for parents to know what their childen were doing

lolesova [Larissa]: Great job Claudia and Marijana

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): thanks

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Thx larissa :)

anisoara [anisoara]: ty

anisoara [anisoara]: sorry I have to leave to classes, ty so much ladies for the great presentation

lolesova [Larissa]: bye Anisoara

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): ty anisoara  :-)

Moderator (Session Leader): thanks, Anisoara, for coming

anisoara [anisoara]: bye

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thank YOU anisoara for coming

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): bye

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): great to have you :-)

anibelani [undisclosed]: LOL, pizza not grades

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): pizza :) yes

lolesova [Larissa]: great Claudia and Marijana

lolesova [Larissa]: I didn't grade either

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): i didnt grade either

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): students made comments

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): and parents were happy for that

Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Inborn teachers!!!

lolesova [Larissa]: Fernanda, may I add a short comment?

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks cholpn

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): me too, fernanda

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): after all questions are answered, fernanda

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): super :)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): i was invited to present in the Argentinian teachers congress

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): i'm so proud of victor!  :-)

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes congrats Maria, I know

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks marijana

Moderator (Session Leader): congrats, Maria!

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): Woow Maria

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): but not about Facebook, but about motivation

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): right, larissa

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): yes, well you have a super motivation :))

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): we sure do!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yes, agree marijana :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): it would be, larissa!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): thx for sharing this with us Larissa

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thank you larisa

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Great ideas, Larissa !!!Thanks alot for such a great opportunity !!!:)

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): thanks Larissa

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): sing Cat

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: sing

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): LOL :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): lol

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): LOL

lolesova [Larissa]: You are very welcome Ayat, Maria, Claudia and Marijana

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: hahahahahaha

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): LOL I know you would say that

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): We can add it to the contract, Catherine !!!:)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): hello lawan :)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Hi Lawan !!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thank you !!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): thank you Cathrine for being here! and you Lawan :)

reem1 [reem1]: hi lawan

lolesova [Larissa]: Lawan you are an old BAWer already

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): Hala our dear week 3 mmod

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): i remember that, lawan

lolesova [Larissa]: Maria, you are becoming famous in your country - go outside to disseminate your great experience

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): not this year, larisa

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Yes, right Larissa !!:)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): all my savings are for cairo this year

lolesova [Larissa]: LOL Maria

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): LOL !! Yuppiii !!!:)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): thank you, lawan, for sharing all this  :-)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): my piggy bank is open :)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thanks Lawan !!

lolesova [Larissa]: Thank you for the great comments Lawan

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): thank you Lawan

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks lawan

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: thank you all

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): me

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): piggy bank is opened and donations are accepted for my trip tp cairo LOL :)

lolesova [Larissa]: you are not Teresa

lolesova [Larissa]: LOL

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Teresa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowow

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: hahahahahah

lolesova [Larissa]: the best blog Teresa

catherineB [catherine]: yes - you must be proud of them

Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Thank you very much for such an inspiration

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thankss, Catherine !!

lolesova [Larissa]: Cholpon skype me larissa.olesova

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): our motivator - Teresa :)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): agree, great motivator!! :)

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thanks Cholpon for joining us !!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Great motivator, supporter and mentor !!:)

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): yesssssssssssssss

lolesova [Larissa]: Really????

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: great

lolesova [Larissa]: You need to go back to teaching

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): I heard similar things sometimes !!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): BaW rocks!!!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): YES !!

lolesova [Larissa]: Great idea Teresa

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): thank you Teresa:)

lolesova [Larissa]: we can see the outcomes of BAW

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thank YOU

lolesova [Larissa]: Bye bye

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): Thank you for your lovely words Teresa

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: thank you Teresa

branko [Branko]: thank you

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): thank you Teresa for such an honour !!!!!!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): bye larisa

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: catherine, plz, just 5 stanzas

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): You made our day !!!:)

catherineB [catherine]: Thank you Teresa for all

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): our BaW2012 fairy a moderator today!!!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thanks Larissa !! Bye

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thanksssssss alot Fernanda !!!!! You did a great job today !!!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): clap, clap, clap

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thank YOU fernanda

sameh [Sameh]: Unfortunatly my mic is not working. I would like to thank all of you my lovely group. I really learned alot from you :)

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): i feel so proud of you! thank you for making my day!!!  :-)

lolesova [Larissa]: Thank you Fernanda for the nice session

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): thx Sameh

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: thank you

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): Thank you Fernanda.

Cholponmusaeva [undisclosed]: Thank u for a wondeful session and presentations and bye.

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): Thanks Sameh !!!

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): bye cholpon

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): see you

lolesova [Larissa]: Good bye

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: bye

Moderator (claudia_carril [Claudia]): Goodbye

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): bye all see you soon, thx fernanda

sameh [Sameh]: bye

catherineB [catherine]: BYE!!

branko [Branko]: bye bye

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: now, catherine, plz, just 5 stanzas

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): goodbye!

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): See you , friends !! Bye for now !!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): LOL Lawan, don't push it

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): see you all later in the YG

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): See you in YG !!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): hugs to you all

Moderator (Session Leader): bye everyone! thanks for coming!

Moderator (Marijana [undisclosed]): leaving, dinner time

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): smiles to you all, Maria :)

lawandal [Lawan ] 3: see you around all

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): thanks for having come and shared with us your time

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): lunch time in argentina so... off i go to eat

Moderator (smilingmaria [undisclosed]): bye

Moderator (Ayat [undisclosed]): bye

Moderator (Session Leader): I'll leave now

Moderator (teresadeca [Teresa]): girls, i'm very touched and very grateful to you. this includes sharon









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