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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 11 years, 4 months ago



Second BaW 12 TweetMeet

(10 May, 20:30 GMT)



Participants: mfr profile Fernanda (Portugal), SnezaFelt profile Sneza (Serbia) & teresadeca profile Teresa (Portugal)



A bit of info before you read tha chatlog.

  • Fernanda and I got together in Skype at about 20:15 GMT and logged in to Twitter to start a "rediscovery" journey
  • When we logged in to https://twitter.com/#!/baw2012 , we got to the BaW2012 Twitter page created on 3Dec2011 with only two tweets; that certainly wasn't what we wanted
  • Then Fernanda searched for #baw2012 and got this URL: https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23baw2012 , which took us to the #baw2012 page where our tweets started appearing in what seemed a chaotic order. We got used to it. However, the chatlog below is a copy-paste job from the BaW2012 Twitter widget, because it made sense. 
  • All of a sudden I went to my email and noticed there were a couple of DMs (direct messages) from Sneza. She was lost, as Fernanda and I had been, so we told her to search for #baw2012. The trio finally got together. We had a 90-min. chat and lots of fun!!!  :-)
  • BTW, this was Sneza's first TweetMeet and she did great, as usual. Bravo, Sneza!!!!  :-))




teresadeca @teresadeca @mfr #baw2012 doesn't it seem like some of the conversation layout changed?   

teresadeca @teresadeca @mfr #baw2012 i don't remember the conversation and expand links since our first tweetmeet. or my memory is worse than i figured   
teresadeca @teresadeca @mfr #baw2012 not "since our first tweetmeet". "n" our first tweetmeet in jan.   
SnezaFelt RT @teresadeca: @teresadeca @mfr #baw2012 not "since our first tweetmeet". in our first tweetmeet in jan.   
mfr @teresadeca #baw2012 I also think so.   
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 that makes two of us, sneza! look at the hashtag you should use. it's #baw2012. hope we can meet!!! :-)   
mfr @SnezaFelt #baw2012 never mind, so am I, :)  
SnezaFelt #baw2012 Can you see me now?   
teresadeca @SnezaFelt @mfr #baw2012 fernanda and i have been here for about 25 mins   
SnezaFelt @teresadeca Should I put #baw2012 at the beginning or the end of a tweet?   
mfr @SnezaFelt @teresadeca #baw2012... it's the same!   
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 it doesn't matter, sneza. wherever you want to :-)   
mfr @SnezaFelt @teresadeca #baw2012 ... I can read your messages   
teresadeca @SnezaFelt @mfr #baw2012 thank you, dear friend, for doing so. i'm having so much fun with what seems like a messy layout this time ;-)   
SnezaFelt So it means I can finally tweet! :)#baw2012   
teresadeca @mfr @SnezaFelt #baw2012 me too. and now all our tweets are showing. yeah!!!!   
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 right, sneza. and me too!!!! :-)
mfr @SnezaFelt @teresadeca #baw2012 I guess you're tired then  
SnezaFelt I was tweeting a lot with Natasa during BaW12 (only direct messages) and they were changing the layout a couple of times then #baw2012  
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 yes, i feel that things definitely changed since our first tweetmeet   
teresadeca @SnezaFelt @mfr #baw2012 i'm also delighted that you made it here, sneza. bravo!!! :-)   
SnezaFelt #baw2012 And something more I`ve learned, the tweets seem to be delayed a bit!  
mfr @SnezaFelt @teresadeca #baw2012 ... they want to keep us busy
SnezaFelt #baw2012 I don`t know if I am correct about this?
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 i agree, sneza. there seems to be a certain lag, but not much, right? if we think there may be a million people tweeting
mfr @SnezaFelt #baw2012 ... that may be related to your internet connection
teresadeca @teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 at the same time, we can understand the lag....
teresadeca #baw2012 i don't understand why buth's tweet just showed in my screen in the middle of ours!!! hmm....
SnezaFelt #baw2012 Yes I agree about my connection!
teresadeca #baw2012 i think i'm in a different page all of a sudden!!! omg!!!!!!!
SnezaFelt #baw2012 I didn`t in mine, but Larry F. did!
SnezaFelt #baw2012 Is it possible people we are following can interrupt a tweetmeet?
mfr @teresadeca #baw2012 Buth is also welcome
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 sneza, i'm lost. what does your comment below about Larry F. refer to?!
teresadeca @mfr #baw2012 sure she is, fernanda. she's so much fun! but i was in my homepage, not in the baw12 page. that's why her tweet showed
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 i don't know, sneza. i think that's only possible with our baw hashtag. anyone, i figured out i was in the main page
SnezaFelt #baw2012 Oh dear! I didn`t know there is more than one page! So which page is this? Is it possible to change pages?
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 now i get it, but i didn't see larry's tweet
SnezaFelt #baw2012 Obviously there is so much to know about tweeting! I am back to Alice in Wanderland feeling!
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 i have my page open and also this #baw2012 page. there's a lot of confusion in my head!!!
mfr @teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 ...Larry's tweet must have appeared in Sneza's page
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 LOL, sneza! i just love that feeling of yours :-)
SnezaFelt #baw2012 A little question: how do I open different pages?
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 i just write or copy the url in a different tab, sneza
mfr @mfr @teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 I come to the conclusion that I'm not following Larry, because I have Buths' message, but not Larry's
mfr @SnezaFelt #baw2012... if you write #baw2012 in the search field, you'll only have our chat with the hastag #baw2012
SnezaFelt So I see now! #baw2012
teresadeca @mfr @SnezaFelt #baw2012 aha! i thought i was following him, but maybe i'm wrong
SnezaFelt I am so impressed by this new discovery! :) #baw2012
mfr @teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 I've just checked and I'm following Larry... strange I didn't get his message
SnezaFelt If I retweet it I suppose you won`t get it? #baw2012
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 i think we will if you paste the baw hashtag, sneza
mfr @SnezaFelt #baw2012, well, why not try it?
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 when you retweet his msg, include #baw2012 and it should get to us. pls try
SnezaFelt I have retweeted it but I didn`t manage to put #baw2012 anywhere in his message! I will try again with somebody else`s message!#baw2012
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 i got your LF retweet, sneza
mfr @SnezaFelt #baw2012... when we retweet there's no possibility of adding anything to the message... so it seems
SnezaFelt And so I`ve learned how to retweet! My followers have finally got something from me! I hope it was worth waiting!#baw2012   
mfr @teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012... you have? I don't think I have   
SnezaFelt Oh yes I completely agree with you Teresa! One doesn`t notice how late it is in good company! #baw2012 
teresadeca @SnezaFelt & @mfr #baw2012 i'm having fun, but i need to call it a day. let's organize a 3rd tweetmeet soon! agree?   
SnezaFelt Oh yes I completely agree with you Teresa! One doesn`t notice how late it is in good company! #baw2012 
teresadeca @SnezaFelt & @mfr #baw2012 i'm having fun, but i need to call it a day. let's organize a 3rd tweetmeet soon! agree?  
teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 let's meet next week, ok? bye, dear friends. have a great weekend!!! :-)  
SnezaFelt #baw2012 Bye Teresa! Just let me know when :)! LOL  
mfr @teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 sure! and let's learn something else before it   
SnezaFelt #baw2012 It`s really been such a pleasure for me to talk to you two! Are you offering a challenge Fernanda?   
mfr @teresadeca @SnezaFelt #baw2012 bye, Teresa and Sneza!  
mfr @SnezaFelt #baw2012 ... I feel a bit clumsy about tweeter, that's why I said that  


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