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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 8 years, 6 months ago




Skype Audioconference


31 May 2012




Ayat (Egypt), Catherine (France), Fernanda (Portugal), Holly (USA), Larissa (USA) Rita (Argentina), Sneza (Serbia) and Teresa (Portugal)



Recordings (recorded with MP3 Skype Recorder) 

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



[21:22:01] *** Teresa Almeida d'Eca added Fernanda Rodrigues ***
[21:22:58] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: hi fernanda. are you there?
[21:23:53] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: fernanda, where are you?
[21:25:47] Fernanda Rodrigues: sorry
[21:25:57] *** Teresa Almeida d'Eca added Rita Zeinstejer ***
[21:25:57] Fernanda Rodrigues: hello!
[21:27:30] Rita Zeinstejer: Im here now!
[21:27:33] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: fernanda, did you get any msg re: this group?
[21:27:49] Fernanda Rodrigues: Hi Rita
[21:28:00] Rita Zeinstejer: hi, fernanda!!
[21:28:04] Fernanda Rodrigues: no, Teresa
[21:28:07] Rita Zeinstejer: g8 to CU here!
[21:28:20] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: how strange!
[21:28:25] Fernanda Rodrigues: great to see you too!
[21:28:33] Fernanda Rodrigues: why, Teresa?
[21:28:38] *** Teresa Almeida d'Eca added larissa.olesova ***
[21:28:48] *** Conference call ***
[21:28:49] Rita Zeinstejer: ah, Larissa is in!
[21:30:07] larissa.olesova: Hi Rita
[21:30:13] larissa.olesova: Nice to see you!
[21:30:18] Rita Zeinstejer: hello, Larissa!
[21:30:54] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA2831/Making-a-conference-call-Windows
[21:30:58] larissa.olesova: anyone is recording?
[21:31:08] larissa.olesova: good
[21:31:16] larissa.olesova: ok we will see
[21:34:37] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: wow!!!
[21:39:15] Fernanda Rodrigues: pamela
[21:39:23] larissa.olesova: TY Fernanda
[21:44:27] *** Teresa Almeida d'Eca added Holly Dilatush ***
[21:45:21] Holly Dilatush: None of you have video?
[21:45:55] Holly Dilatush: I see a question mark for Fernanda, Rita, and Larissa!
[21:46:04] Holly Dilatush: lost the connection!
[21:46:18] Rita Zeinstejer: lost connection
[21:46:31] Holly Dilatush:  Maybe my video is pulling too much power
[21:46:38] Rita Zeinstejer:  ha ha ha we are all writing :D
[21:47:08] Holly Dilatush: Skype has been odd for me for several weeks now
[21:47:27] Rita Zeinstejer: I prefer Google Hangouts ;)
[21:47:39] Holly Dilatush: but I've had lots of trouble with Hangouts!
[21:47:47] Rita Zeinstejer: have yoy?>
[21:47:53] Holly Dilatush: Does video and sound work well for you in Hangouts?
[21:48:01] Rita Zeinstejer: yes, Holly
[21:48:04] Holly Dilatush: today Hangouts dropped me 7 times in one hour -
[21:48:09] Holly Dilatush: and I started the hangout!
[21:48:10] Rita Zeinstejer: woooow
[21:48:15] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: wow!
[21:48:21] Holly Dilatush: sound was echooey
[21:48:35] larissa.olesova: I see a new picture of Fernanda!!!
[21:48:38] Rita Zeinstejer: I knw Skype would fail us
[21:48:48] Rita Zeinstejer: knew :(
[21:49:04] larissa.olesova: Rita - do you hear us?
[21:49:09] Rita Zeinstejer: nope!
[21:49:14] Rita Zeinstejer: Im not in!
[21:49:36] Rita Zeinstejer: ah, now I can
[21:49:38] larissa.olesova: You are in!
[21:49:42] larissa.olesova: Rita is in
[21:49:55] Fernanda Rodrigues: you're in again, but no picture
[21:50:44] *** Teresa Almeida d'Eca added Sneza Filipovic ***
[21:51:32] Holly Dilatush: Hello Sneza!
[21:51:34] Holly Dilatush: :)
[21:52:03] Holly Dilatush: Where are we all from?  I am Holly from Charlottesville VA today
[21:52:25] Holly Dilatush: MP3 Recorder has worked really well for me for several weeks now... is that what you're using?
[21:52:30] Rita Zeinstejer: Im Rita, from Rosario, Argentina
[21:52:30] larissa.olesova: I am Larisa from West Lafayette, IN but originally from Yakutsk in Russia
[21:52:51] Holly Dilatush: t
[21:52:56] Holly Dilatush: q
[21:54:00] Fernanda Rodrigues: I'm Fernanda from Portugal, retired EFL teacher
[21:54:30] Sneza Filipovic: q
[21:54:59] Sneza Filipovic: Thank you!
[21:55:31] Holly Dilatush: any of us can click on the   +
[21:55:37] Holly Dilatush: + sign
[21:55:40] Holly Dilatush: and then add people
[21:55:40] *** Fernanda Rodrigues added Ayat Tawel ***
[21:55:52] Holly Dilatush: this is fun!
[21:56:01] Sneza Filipovic: Hello!!!!!!
[21:56:02] Rita Zeinstejer: yes, Holly ;)
[21:56:27] Ayat Tawel: Hi everyone !!
[21:56:31] larissa.olesova: Hi Ayat
[21:56:35] Rita Zeinstejer: hi, Ayat!
[21:56:40] larissa.olesova: Please come in
[21:57:07] larissa.olesova: Ayat you are in!
[21:57:11] larissa.olesova: Ayat - congrats!
[21:57:13] Ayat Tawel: I'm in !!
[21:57:45] Holly Dilatush: Has anyone tried the new Google+ Air?
[21:58:05] larissa.olesova: I haven't
[21:58:34] Rita Zeinstejer: Ive joined one, Holly, but will open one next week, ,YES!
[21:58:43] Holly Dilatush: this is bringing memories of my very first Skype voice chat = with Carla Arena and 70+ of us were on Skype!
[21:58:57] larissa.olesova: 70+!!!
[21:58:59] Holly Dilatush: the voice was intermittent but the text chat was fun
[21:59:02] Holly Dilatush: it was an EVO chat
[22:00:13] Rita Zeinstejer: sorry guys, need leave you now, have to run some errands, have a friend for dinner :)
[22:00:21] Holly Dilatush: OK = Bye Rita!
[22:00:21] larissa.olesova: Bye Rita
[22:00:23] Holly Dilatush: exciting!
[22:00:33] Sneza Filipovic: Great!
[22:01:05] Rita Zeinstejer: bye all, great to have shared some time with you!
[22:01:10] Holly Dilatush: I'm in the mods group, too -- but have just returned from 3 days away = probably the message is buried in emails i've  not yet seen...
[22:01:12] Ayat Tawel: Yesssssss
[22:01:15] Fernanda Rodrigues: bye, Rita!
[22:01:25] Rita Zeinstejer: (highfive)
[22:01:46] larissa.olesova: (wave)
[22:01:51] Fernanda Rodrigues: (wave)
[22:02:00] Sneza Filipovic: Bye!
[22:02:01] Ayat Tawel: Bye, Rita !!
[22:02:52] Holly Dilatush: beautiful that you'll  meet together there! :)
[22:04:20] Holly Dilatush: I heard a nice story from an adult learner today... she met a friend online in a group for people with new braces = shared orthodontal stories and then became friends online, and just recently met up in person for the first time.  Beautiful friendships do develop from online meetings...
[22:04:47] larissa.olesova: what a nice story of friendship Holly
[22:04:55] Holly Dilatush: I still hear the same sort of thing from many adult ed practitioners, Teresa...  but the tide seems to be turning...
[22:10:33] Holly Dilatush: Your first year!  What a productive year you've had!
[22:11:41] Holly Dilatush: I actually miss the 8 weeks (as a participant)
[22:11:48] Holly Dilatush: but they did lag...
[22:11:54] Ayat Tawel: Yes, Holly !! Agree !!
[22:12:18] Holly Dilatush: and as moderator, it must be better.  5 weeks was such a push/rush for us... (EVO_Drama)
[22:12:52] Holly Dilatush: I'm grateful that you tried this continuation push...   it's so easy to just let the info sit all year
[22:13:06] Holly Dilatush: but your push helped me follow-through on more things
[22:14:32] Holly Dilatush: spell his name please?
[22:14:54] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: andy pincon
[22:14:58] Holly Dilatush: thanks
[22:18:01] Sneza Filipovic: Coming from me: I can't possibly imagine a better group of teachers&friends although I haven't seen any other!
[22:18:12] Fernanda Rodrigues: :)
[22:18:40] Holly Dilatush: (new topic/question)  Do any of you take "digital detox" times?  [enforced 3 or more days offline]    It's harder and harder for me to do...   it's like not checking in at 'home'
[22:18:41] Ayat Tawel: You are one of this good group of friends , Sneza !!
[22:18:43] Ayat Tawel: :)
[22:19:07] Holly Dilatush: and another new question... how many tabs do you usually have open at one time?  [me = often 15 or more]
[22:19:41] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: same here, holly!
[22:19:55] Holly Dilatush: blessed, yes!
[22:19:56] Fernanda Rodrigues: as many tabs as my computer can handle
[22:20:05] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: that's so nice to hear, sneza
[22:20:28] larissa.olesova: very nice Sneza
[22:21:07] Fernanda Rodrigues: I usually have my computer on and connected to the internet all day, even if I'm doing some other things
[22:21:14] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: we were all ther, sneza. i felt lo
[22:21:45] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: ...i felt lost in my first TI caht in 2002
[22:23:06] Holly Dilatush: I still feel lost in TappedIn...
[22:23:20] larissa.olesova: Holly - me either!
[22:23:37] Fernanda Rodrigues: that's very sweet, Ayat
[22:23:39] larissa.olesova: every time it looks totally new for me :(
[22:23:40] Holly Dilatush: It's a great question... I hope you'll post that on Twitter and in the email...
[22:23:45] Sneza Filipovic: Exactly!!!!!
[22:23:52] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: i'm so glad, ayat
[22:23:54] Holly Dilatush: Has BAW changed your personal character?
[22:24:08] Holly Dilatush: and you shared it with the world!
[22:24:14] Holly Dilatush: moved us, too, Ayat!
[22:24:15] larissa.olesova: Yes Holly
[22:24:37] Holly Dilatush: I've been pondering this question a lot recently:  "I'm not sure that I know my preferred way of learning anymore..."  [which tools, combinations of tools, all online?  Moodle?  Ning?  EVO workshop?  TESOL conference = poster presentations, CALL village? in-person?  hybrid/blended]?
[22:24:56] Holly Dilatush: [applause, applause!]
[22:25:18] Holly Dilatush: Vance is incredible!
[22:25:27] larissa.olesova: (clap)
[22:27:18] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: i don't really have a preferred way of learning. i think that the diversity we have in webheads is what makes me so enthusiastic and active
[22:29:09] Holly Dilatush: but is your feeling with learning experiences of different types the same?  Is it still as easy to sit through a lecture, for example?   Are you able to tweet and pay attention when attending an in-person session?
[22:30:02] Fernanda Rodrigues: I find it difficult to keep concentration in lectures
[22:30:57] Holly Dilatush: lucky school!
[22:31:01] Sneza Filipovic: I find it difficult to listen and read SMS. How do you make it?
[22:31:26] Ayat Tawel: Step by step, you will be able to follow !!
[22:31:35] Holly Dilatush: I have not been able to be comfortable tweeting while attending f2f (face to face) presentations...
[22:31:38] larissa.olesova: Sneza - LOL! Yes, I agree with Ayat about step by step
[22:32:30] Holly Dilatush: and recently "had to" tweet while attending a webinar, and that's a challenge for me, too... too hard to keep up with everything.   [and I'm slow at texting, and must look at the phone while I'm texting!] LOL
[22:32:45] larissa.olesova: Holly LOL
[22:34:23] Fernanda Rodrigues: I'm very slow at texting too, I also have to look at the keeyboard. I find it amazing when I see people riding a bicycle and texting at the same time
[22:34:52] Ayat Tawel: LOL !!
[22:37:12] Sneza Filipovic: Wow! How many years of practice?
[22:37:15] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: lol fernanda
[22:37:16] Ayat Tawel: Teresa, Catherine will join !!
[22:37:22] Ayat Tawel: Can you add her ?
[22:37:37] *** Ayat Tawel added catherine.boissier ***
[22:37:47] larissa.olesova: Hi Catherine
[22:37:50] Holly Dilatush: Sneza... not sure are you asking me?
[22:37:52] Sneza Filipovic: Hurray!
[22:38:11] Holly Dilatush: Hello Catherine! :)
[22:38:18] catherine.boissier: hello everybody!!
[22:38:24] catherine.boissier: great to be with you
[22:38:26] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: hi cat! welcome  :)
[22:38:43] Ayat Tawel: Hellooooooooo
[22:39:07] Sneza Filipovic: Sorry I was asking Teresa how many years of practice before multitasking!
[22:40:30] larissa.olesova: Sneza, from my experience I can say that I was able to multitasking since my experience as a moderator of BAW2010
[22:40:43] Holly Dilatush: I often laugh with delight at how easily I deal with most 'glitches' now... as compared to way back when...  something going wrong used to cause dramatic reactions and the certainty that it 'must have been me'
[22:40:46] larissa.olesova: chatting, talking, helping at the same time as a moderator
[22:41:16] Holly Dilatush: [that's why it's so nice that Teresa is repeating the chance to explore / re-explore the EVO weeks!]
[22:41:33] larissa.olesova: it is Holly
[22:42:04] Holly Dilatush: I hear you, Teresa, I hear you... that was so much my experience, too.
[22:43:06] Holly Dilatush: go pick a bouquet of flowers from my yard... here's a bouquet for all of you  (F) (F) (F) (F) (F)
[22:43:22] Ayat Tawel: Wonderful, Holly !!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:43:24] larissa.olesova: wow Holly - flowers
[22:43:32] Sneza Filipovic: Thanks!!!!!!!!
[22:44:24] Holly Dilatush: if you work with adults, please take a look at http://englishworldwide.ning.com   = join yourself, and your learners... if you like what you see
[22:44:38] Holly Dilatush: many ways to 'dip your toes in'
[22:45:56] Fernanda Rodrigues: lost sound
[22:46:01] larissa.olesova: I lost my sound
[22:46:01] Sneza Filipovic: Oooops!
[22:46:02] Teresa Almeida d'Eca: me too
[22:46:04] larissa.olesova: there is a problem with call
[22:46:04] Ayat Tawel: wow
[22:46:22] Holly Dilatush: as teacher, you can create your own private class group (safe space) and then venture out to enjoy the rest of the site and join in when ready, just observe when not... and work with other teachers on the site (see what they're doing/trying = a teacher in Calif. and another in Turkey are doing a hybrid class from our site LEWWP:   Learn English With a Worldwide Perspective]
[22:46:34] larissa.olesova: again
[22:47:23] larissa.olesova: (clap)
[22:47:30] larissa.olesova: sound?
[22:47:38] Holly Dilatush: sound is not as clear... garbled a bit
[22:47:45] larissa.olesova: a problem with this call again
[22:48:57] Sneza Filipovic: Where can I read a tutorial? I know nothing
[22:49:25] larissa.olesova: Sneza, are you asking about Google Hangout?
[22:49:34] larissa.olesova: We will have a Hangout meeting next week
[22:49:46] larissa.olesova: like today on Skype
[22:49:46] Sneza Filipovic: Yes Larisa!
[22:49:54] Holly Dilatush: http://www.diigo.com/user/blogblossoms/Google%2BHangouts
[22:49:57] Fernanda Rodrigues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5kdr7N6nPg
[22:50:00] Holly Dilatush: (some tutorials for hangouts)
[22:50:12] larissa.olesova: Sneza - feel free to join Hangout meeting - Holly, thank you for the link
[22:50:24] larissa.olesova: Fernanda thanks  for the link
[22:50:44] Holly Dilatush: Zumba!
[22:51:59] Holly Dilatush: http://englishworldwide.ning.com/profiles/blogs/any-lewwpers-out-there-planning-to-propose-marriage-soon-love-thi
[22:56:20] Holly Dilatush: I'm going to have to say goodbye
[22:56:20] Holly Dilatush: I'm going to have to say goodbye
[22:57:11] *** Call ended, duration 1:28:20 ***
[22:57:11] Ayat Tawel: Thank you, Bye !!!




Not a nice screenshot (sorry about that!), but you can see the MP3 Skype Recorder window on the top right.




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