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Google+ Hangout 1


9 Jun. 2012




Catherine (France), Claudia (Uruguay), Fernanda (Portugal), Marijana (Croatia), Rita (Argentina), Sneza (Serbia), Svetlana (Czech Republic), Teresa (Portugal) and Veronica (Argentina)


We hung out for about two hours! I (Teresa) was "totally lost" at the beginning in spite of the tutorials I'd read and sent out.

http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/ (a brief overview of Google+)
http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/ (specifically about Google+

You can also take a look at "Google Plus Tips – Hangout with Extras", a more comprehensive page.


The idea was to explore this tool collaboratively, as Webheads like to explore tools. GHs have audio and video, and can only hold 10 participants at one time.


Some had problems at the beginning finding the "Hangout" I created. I also had problems inviting people. Rita and Marijana saved the session!!! Thanks, ladies!  :-)


We talked about many different things and those with a webcam on played around with some google effects. It was hilarious!!! We had lots of fun and F.U.N. (frivolous unanticipated nonsense).


No recording, because we don't think it's possible (except for Google+ Hangouts On Air) and we don't know how to do it.


Here's the only screenshot I made. Notice that there are three columns open: chat (on the left), list of documents we opened (center) and the whiteboard area with a document. Below all this, you can see the video images or photos of the participants at this point. Catherine was having a blast communicating with us from "twenty thousands leagues under the sea"!!!   ;-)




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