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Google+ Hangout 2


13 Jun. 2012




Ayat (Egypt), Catherine (France), Fernanda (Portugal), Rita (Argentina), Sneza (Serbia), Teresa (Portugal) and Veronica (Argentina)


We hung out for over an hour! Ayat played "PechaFlickr", a vocab game. She showed different photos and the person playing had to say something about each one in just a few seconds. It was fun!  :-)


This time I only used a wireless connection and everything worked smoothly. I didn't have the webcam on, though. Cat is always on a wireless connection and with the webcam on. Text, sound and video work perfectly for her.


Here are few fun and F.U.N. screenshots I took.


Sneza had just entered!!! Look at her happy smile. :-)


Cat and her "angel aura" when she was about to tell me the cost of tuition for a Master's in England (for my younger son).  ;-)


Cat quickly and quietly teleported from the sky above to "twenty thousand leagues under the sea" after telling me tuition alone was 10,000 euros!!!


We even had a clown show up.  ;-)


And a lovely cat...


Ayat was also with us and introduced that fun vocab activity I referred above.


Whever there's a BaW get-together, it's party time!!!


We had a wonderful time while exploring Hangouts further. Thanks, everyone!  :-)



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